Swedish the first to offer 3D rendering of the brain on the West Coast

March 14, 2016

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute is the first hospital on the West Coast to offer patients an advanced brain surgery technology that automatically maps and highlights all the nerve fibers in the brain for surgical planning. This new technology enables surgeons to navigate the brain during surgery through the use of clearer, three-dimensional images.

Neurosurgeons have been taught to take the most proximal trajectory to a tumor. With this new tool, surgeons are now rethinking their approaches to potentially avoid major nerve fibers that control speech, walking, talking, tasting, vision and language. With the 3D image of each patient’s brain, the approach to each surgery is much more personalized.

The BrightMatter technology – a highly detailed imaging and robotic positioning system with sensor-driven tools can be oriented in positions never imagined by the microscope. The long, movable metal arm contains a microscope and high-powered lighting that provides incredibly detailed vision to surgeons. The arm is also linked to sensors built into the surgeon’s tools. Using 3D images created during detailed pre-planning of the surgery, sensors let the doctors know if their instruments are properly aligned before they move forward in the patient’s brain.

The result: smaller incisions, less recovery time and – most importantly – a better ability for surgeons to avoid important structures in the brain. The technology is used to operate on brain tumors, aneurysms, vascular lesions and skull-based issues. The high powered microscope and light source also can be used in minimally invasive spine surgery. This technology will help improve proficiencies, efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Swedish Neuroscience Institute
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