Swedish Opens Midwifery Program at First Hill

July 22, 2015

Parents at Swedish First Hill now have access to a specialized midwifery program for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. The program is modeled after the success of the midwifery programs that currently exist at Swedish Issaquah and Swedish Ballard.

“Many expectant mothers choose to use a midwife because of the individualized care that’s suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs,” said Lisa Arnold, CNM, Midwifery Program Director. “We have seen an increase in interest in midwifery services in the Seattle area, so we are thrilled to offer this as an option at our First Hill campus.”

Swedish Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, who have had specialized education in midwifery and women’s health and have earned a master’s degree in nursing. Swedish midwives provide one-on-one care before, throughout and after a women’s pregnancy, partnering with patients to provide support, education and treatment as needed.

Patients deliver their babies at the Swedish First Hill Birth Center under the care of their midwife. While midwives specialize in low-risk pregnancies and labors, they are trained to identify complications and can provide care in emergent situations. Midwives may transfer care to obstetricians, if needed.

“I chose a Swedish midwife because I wanted to have minimal intervention, but also be in a hospital setting if things went wrong. I couldn’t have had a better experience,” said Laurel Yamaguchi, a Swedish patient who recently had her baby.

In addition to delivering babies and helping moms prepare for motherhood, Swedish’s midwives provide comprehensive women’s health care including annual exams, birth control counseling, menopausal care and primary care.

For more information on the new midwifery program at Swedish First Hill, or for general information regarding pregnancy and childbirth at Swedish, call 206-215-6900 or visit the Swedish Pregnancy and Childbirth website.