Swedish Continues Labor Negotiations with SEIU 1199NW

June 18, 2015
In early April, Swedish began the process of negotiating contracts with SEIU 1199NW for RNs, technical workers and service employees. Negotiations continue, with current contracts expiring June 30, 2015. Swedish remains committed to working with the union to develop contracts that offer a competitive wage and benefits package as well as create a supportive and rewarding work environment for its caregivers (employees). 

During negotiations, Swedish has kept its caregivers and the community informed through ongoing updates posted on its Negotiation News website: www.swedish.org/negotiation-news.

Swedish Edmonds and Swedish Medical Center (which includes all campuses other than Edmonds) are separate legal entities with separate SEIU 1199NW contracts.

In its most recent posted update, Swedish shared a Myths vs. Facts document for each contract – Swedish Medical Center and Swedish Edmonds. These documents directly address the primary concerns shared by SEIU 1199NW union leaders to date and provide the correct details of Swedish’s current proposal.

Two more bargaining sessions remain in June before the contracts expire. Swedish has proposed to union leaders the addition of two more bargaining dates to the schedule. Disappointingly, the union declined the additional dates. As detailed in the Myths vs. Facts documents referenced above, the new contract needs to be completed as soon as possible in order to ensure our caregivers receive the proposed wage increases as soon as possible.