How you can get the most out of your office visit

October 28, 2013

By Merrill Hill

To some, when a possible problem gets to the point where we decide to “have it looked at,” there are many questions that come up. If you are like me, I have several questions to ask. However, by the time the check in happens and all the tests are performed, I forget most of my questions. Or, sometimes, I feel like there is no more time to have them answered. Often times I make up excuses for why I didn’t ask. My frequent one is that they, or I, didn’t have the time.

Time may be limited sometimes, but asking the right questions really helps. Some of the best answers you get about your hearing come from very simple questions that you wrote down ahead of time (so nobody forgets). I have listed a few below to help us all make sure you get the answers you want, at the time you want them.

At home, ask:

  • Why do I feel I need to have an appointment?
  • What would I like to have accomplished?
  • Is there anything I am not ready to do, in order to “fix” the problem?

At the office, ask:

  • What is (are) the main problem(s)?
  • What options are there to resolve the problem(s)?
  • Why is it important for me to do this?
  • When do I need to follow up?

As a provider, I would like to encourage you to know that we always want to make sure you know you are cared for. You matter to us. Your knowledge will help you succeed in your treatment plan. Please ask us if you have questions. Remember, we can provide you with a written care plan if you don’t like to take too many notes.