Gift Basket Programs at the Swedish Cancer Institute

April 26, 2013

By Brian Aylward, BS, CHES
Health Navigator

The Swedish Cancer Institute has community partnerships with several local and national organizations that strive to promote education, hope and healing to newly diagnosed patients with cancer. Specifically, two local organizations have partnered with Swedish Cancer Institute in a unique way, offering moments of inspiration and comfort in times of distress. Northwest Hope & Healing and Thrive Through Cancer are two local non-profit organizations focused on offering assistance and support to those newly diagnosed with cancer and aim to empower and connect community members with resources needed to flourish.

Northwest Hope & Healing

Northwest Hope & Healing is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to women in need who are battling breast and gynecological cancers. The funds provide assistance for everyday living expenses such as child care, groceries, transportation, and emergency rent.

In partnership with Swedish, Northwest Hope & Healing assembles and delivers “Healing Baskets” to Swedish Cancer Institute for newly diagnosed patients. The baskets are filled with items such as hand lotions, candies, handmade cards or notes of encouragement, a teddy bear, and other personal items to help promote hope and healing at the initial time of diagnosis.

Healing Basket

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Thrive Through Cancer

Thrive Through Cancer is a non-profit organization that helps young adults with cancer and their caregivers find hope and thrive. Thrive Through Cancer hosts support groups and social events for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer as a young adult. The organization also offers online forums where patients and survivors can connect.

Thrive Through Cancer has partnered with Swedish Cancer Institute to provide newly diagnosed male and female patients with cancer, ages 18-39, with “Hope Totes,” which are like swag bags for those undergoing cancer treatment. These bags are filled with items that appeal to young adults such as lotions, lip balms, teas, hats, journals and games that help people find hope and thrive when first diagnosed with cancer.

Hope Totes

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