Edmonds Commute Options

Edmonds caregivers (employees) receive a reimbursement for their bus, carpool/vanpool, walk/bike commute expenses. In order to receive this benefit, caregivers are asked to register on rideshareonline.com and track their commutes and submit their travel log along with their reimbursement form.

Please contact the parking and Commuting Office for reimbursement forms or if you have questions about registering on rideshareonline.com.

Guaranteed Ride Home: Transportation in Case of an Emergency

Caregivers who do not drive alone to work have the added benefit of knowing that they have up to six FREE rides home per year that they can use in case of an emergency.

To request a guaranteed ride home call the Edmonds Security Office at 4388 or 5555 to get a voucher to use the guaranteed ride home program.


Parking for caregivers is available in the “J” lot.