RN Residency Program: Hiring Process


You may apply before you are licensed. We require an active RN license prior to the start date. We will verify your active license through the Healthcare Provider online database.

Please see the Washington State Department of Health’s Nursing Commission Nurse Licensing website for the requirements to obtain your Washington State RN license. If you will be licensed in another state please refer to the state requirements for your out of state RN license to be verified in Washington State.

Hiring Process 

Applications are screened by the HR department. Applicants that successfully meet the requirements of the position will be contacted for a phone interview with the Nurse Recruiter, during this interview you will be asked to identify your preferred area of clinical practice. Additional interviews will be conducted with the Hiring Manager and team for those applicants that are successful in the HR process. If you are selected for the program you will receive a letter with a job offer. 

How to apply

Please see the job postings at swedish.jobs

Search for: Resident Registered Nurse – Various Patient Care Areas

Cohort starting dates:

Late February 2017
Mid August 2017
Early November 2017