FAQs about the RN Residency Program

How does the hiring process and timeline work?

Human resources will post the available resident positions prior to the projected start date. If selected, human resources will call and schedule you for a telephone screening interview. If successful with the HR Interview process, you will be scheduled for an interview with the manager or your area of interest. The interview process with managers vary, you should be prepared to meet with a panel of your peers in addition to the unit manager.

Not all applications will be accepted in the first round of reviews, but be assured they will be reviewed manually while the application is open.

How many hours per week do residents work?

This is a full time position that requires 72-80 hours per two week pay period including nights, weekends and holidays. The number of hours worked per week can vary to accommodate education time and simulation experiences; and you will likely follow your preceptor's schedule for unit clinical time.

Will I be working nights, weekends and holidays?

Nurse residents are full time employees. Your schedule may include nights, evenings; and will include weekends and holidays. Residency is an intensive program. Time off or scheduling requests during orientation are not accommodated.

Do I get vacation time during my residency?

Residents receive the same vacation, paid holidays and sick leave allowances as other contractual nurses. Vacation may not be used until completion of six months of service. As Residency is an intensive program time off or scheduling requests during orientation are not accommodated.

What does a nurse resident get paid?

All nurses at Swedish Medical Center are covered under a collective bargaining agreement with SEIU.

Am I obligated to stay at Swedish after the completion of my Residency?

We do require that you stay at Swedish for two years after completion of your orientation. If desired, you may have the ability to move to another unit through the Fellow program after one year.

For additional questions

Email us, and we will be happy to answer questions regarding the program. Be sure to include:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Preferred name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Best time of day to contact you (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm)
  • Questions to review

Please do not send resume or application information to this email address.