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Lili Yao, MD

Primary Care Physician
Languages: English, Chinese - Mandarin
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
I am dedicated to providing compassionate and knowlegeable care to my patients. With a strong belief in good doctor-patients communication, I respect my patients as partners in their health care and work with them as a team to take care of their health needs.
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Medical School
University of Texas at Southwestern
Professional Associations
American College of Physician
Personal Interests
I enjoy hiking, swimming and watching sports games with family and friends.
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine
Clinical Interests
  • addiction medicine
  • aging
  • alcohol dependency
  • allergies
  • anal itching
  • breast cancer prevention and risk reduction
  • cancer prevention
  • cancer screening
  • cancer survivorship
  • cardiovascular disease management
  • cholesterol disorders
  • chronic disease management
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • consultative medicine
  • dementia
  • department of transportation exams
  • diabetes management
  • diet and exercise
  • diet and nutrition
  • disability
  • eating disorders
  • ethics
  • family history of cancer
  • family planning
  • fibromyalgia
  • geriatrics
  • gynecological exam
  • hiv
  • homelessness
  • hypertension
  • immunizations
  • lgbt health
  • lifestyle modification
  • lyme disease
  • medical education
  • memory disorders
  • menopause
  • menopause education
  • men's health
  • menstrual migraines
  • nutrition and health
  • obesity
  • palliative care
  • peri-operative medicine
  • preoperative evaluation
  • preventive medicine
  • quality improvement
  • reproductive health / contraception
  • sexual health
  • substance abuse
  • tobacco use cessation
  • transgender care
  • under-served communities
  • well adult exam
  • wellness
  • women's health
  • work related illnesses
  • workers compensation evaluation

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.0 out of 5 (173 Ratings, 38 Comments)


first visit with new primary care - very happy.

Wife liked Dr. Yao and changer her primary care to Dr. Yao.

I've had to use pain management for years for nerve damage, the result of many brain/abdominal surgeries over the years. She would not refill my medication because she "was uncomfortable" prescribing it to me. [...] if she'd bothered at all to look into my medical history and get to know me as a patient she would know this. I am not in pain and I have to seek out a new PCP, I don't think this Doctor is good for primary care. The last time I saw her I was having bad anxiety, and I tried to discuss this with her and see if I could get something to help me with said anxiety... and mind you I've never used anything for this... she then also felt uncomfortable prescribing anything and her recommendation was to "just stop paying attention to the news". Needless to say, I am less than enthused with her as a provider. It surprises me, every other provider I've seen at Swedish has been excellent.

Dr. Yao is an ecceptional provider on every level in my book

Dr. Yao's listening, compassion and attention to detail make her a great doctor.

I did not feel a bond with her and will be looking for another doctor. she might be fine for someone else.

so pleased

I am going to change my primary doctor

I will never go back to see her again, it was wasting time and money.

I had been a patient of [...] for 15 yrs. I was very upset when she left. After seeing Dr. Yao several times now, I've found her to be very knowledgeable, and caring about my health, I have confidence in her care.

Dr. Yao English is difficult to understand along w/her being rushed it like she just wants to "move" on, on several occasions.

I will never visit Dr. Yao again. I will change doctors AND provider locations before I see her again. I came into the facility because of extreme pain in my shoulder. Dr. Yao barely looked at it before misdiagnosing me with Frozen Shoulder. She didn't touch my shoulder, she didn't look at my shoulder. This is DESPITE the fact that I have absolutely no issues with range of motion in the shoulder, or problems with reach/stretching. I asked if I could have imaging done, Dr. Yao declined. I asked Dr. Yao if she could do anything for the extreme pain, she prescribed me a basic antiinflammatory which hasn't helped. I asked what to do to aid in the healing and Dr. Yao suggested a single stretching exercise. THAT'S IT! The entire visit took me 11 minutes from the time I sat down for my vitals to the time I walked out. Less than 5 minutes were with the actual doctor. This is medically irresponsible.

I think her English is not very good. Her notes on "Mychart" are confusing. "Bone spur is a sign of arthritis; anything can prevent arthritis can also prevent bone spur. "

The physical examination was not thorough like the ones I've had in the past with other providers. Specifically, the pap and breast exams were rushed.

provider did not check my ears after I told her I had ear pain as well as a sore throat. she looked in my throat, listened to my lungs then told me I had an infection and prescribed antibiotics. No mention of what infection I may have, throats swab was sent for culture but still haven't received any results. she called in prescription to the wrong pharmacy after I told her which pharmacy to send it to. I felt my care was very inadequate and will be looking to move to another clinic. This is the second provider I've seen at this clinic where my health care needs have not been met.

she was nice however, I have had the same diagnosis for several years and she is wanting me to start physical therapy and all these things in which I am not going to pay for things I have done in the past that haven't worked. I have permanent damage to my spine and asking me to start over in treatment for something that is permanent I feel is ridiculous.

I felt I was not heard my concerns. I had concerns about my dementia. then she decided I was depressed and put me on a depression meds. I feel that there was no understanding about my dementia.

dr. Yao was wonderful very kind patient and caring

worst annual physical I have ever had. I will be changing clinics.

This was my initial visit with Dr. Yao due to the fact that Dr. [...] had left Swedish in October 2017. I LOVED Dr. [...], but I was very happy with my visit with Dr. Yao. Her staff is just excellent.

Upon meeting with Dr. Yao, she acknowledged that she had met with me in 2014 following my first auto accident and that she knew I was a patient of Dr. [...]. I stated my objective in meeting with her: to determine if she could address all my medical concerns and to determine if a healthy doctor - patient relationship could be established, as I had had with Dr. [...], Dr. [...] and Dr. [...]. I stated I wanted to continue my care at the Mill Creek facility within the Swedish system (due to ease of access, entirety of care, and rapport I had established with other members of the clinic). I noted she followed each of my sentences with, "uh huh, uh huh". This made me believe as though she was not really listening to me, rather perhaps thinking ahead to her response. Dr. Yao abruptly stated that she was uncomfortable with providing pain management. She began questioning my dosage and stated that I was not taking my medication as prescribed. She further stated that she was only willing to fill my prescription for 1 month. In astonishment, I responded that I was not there to request a medication refill, rather I reiterated my objective to find a primary care physician to address my all my medical needs. After hearing that I was not requesting a medication refill, she apologized and stated that if she knew me better, she "would not have to check up on me." And again, stating she knew I was a patient of Dr. [...]. At that time, I requested a referral for a primary care doctor at which she stated that I might seek out a pain specialist, but I had the option to chose to find a PC physician to address all my medical concerns. I shared my current physical concerns which I believed related to my most recent auto accident and stated that I believed I needed additional imaging, as there may possibly be new problems interfering with my recovery. I explained I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my arms, hands and lower extremities and that I was being awaken at night due to excessive throbbing pain and numbness in my arms and hands along with pain in my neck. I told her that I had to pause physical therapy due to a decline in my ability to continue. In addition, I shared with her that I was experiencing pain and significant swelling in my left foot- second toe and that I had no recollection of injury to my foot. She did examine my foot and noted the swelling and stated I would benefit from a special boot but there was no recommendation for an x-ray or a future referral to address any of the above mentioned concerns. Upon leaving, Dr. Yao provided me with a list of "Primary Resources North End" and ended the appointment. I left the clinic feeling incredibly disappointed, misunderstood, overwhelmed and lost. I believed that the clinic and team of providers, which I had entrusted my care to and had become so much a part of, were no longer interested in caring for me as a patient. Rather I believe that I was inappropriately misjudged, disrespected, abandoned and left to fend for myself.

Asked for a refill on a medication, still haven't received it. Ordered a wrong imaging, emailed to ask for the correct one one month later call the imaging dept. they had not received a new order. Emailed doctor again for the correct order. One of medications has so many side effects and is very expensive, I refuse to use it. Doctor did not say anything about side effects. I have a prescription [...] that I can't return. I [...] any refills. my condition still persists.

I am not sure why this woman is a healthcare provider, she seems like has no knowledge of anything I asked her. To one of my concerns, she literally said: "That's interesting, I don't know what that is." and moved on? Really? To a skin outbreak I am randomly having a handful times a month, which I documented and showed her photographs, which she hardly cared to look at, she told me to take benadryl everyday when I wake up or go out somewhere? Why? When this happens only a handful times a month, and I'd like to know what could possibly trigger it, so I can avoid the food/detergent/etc, or whatever is causing it, instead of living everyday on benadryl. I asked her if there is a way I can get tested for allergies, so I can know what is causing my outbreaks, and she said, she doesn't recommend it because "everyone is allergic to something, and if it's not severe, then I should just take benadryl when I wake up." Overall, I have never felt so ignored, and uncared for in my life, by a professional who is supposed to care. To most of my questions I only got "I don't know". I practically had to tell her to do her job, and insisted to talking to someone who does know, to which she almost annoyingly, ordered me an x-ray and a gave me a contact to a heart monitoring office, but as she did it, she just seemed annoyed and forced. So I am definitely going to be cancelling my follow up appointment with her, and switching providers. I was do frustrated, and angry leaving her office, and definitely more confused than I was before I came in. I scheduled an appointment with another provider, with a different clinic [...]

One thing is, that I know my body and these DRs need to listen to each person, as we all know, our body's. I have a lot of issues and some things that keep coming back and sometimes I just need to be on the antibiotics longer.

[...] I was very pleased with all staff & very much with Dr.

I only met Dr. Yao on [...] for the first time as her new patient. Cannot answer a lot of the questions but can on the office staff as they are terrific and very pleasant.

pleased with the provider.

[...] I have been in pain since November. In the appointments I have had with Dr Yao, I have been frustrated with the fact that she clearly had not read my medical history, did not pay attention to the PT notes, did not physically examine me until I insisted and simply did not listen or trust me as a patient. This is a huge change from my experience with Dr [...] and unfortunately I don't see any better options. I had my surgery at Swedish Cherry Hill by exceptional doctors and professional nurses. I do not want to leave Swedish but it's critical to me to have good health care.

Not enough time to spend for questions.

I felt her communication skills were not good & it didn't help that she wore a face mask. Definitely no empathy shown. I did not appreciate her bedside manner.

[...] I'm pretty confident I would have understood the words she used had I been able to decipher what the words were she was speaking. I asked her to repeat many times (mask, etc) but it is unnerving to talk to someone when you can only see their eyes.

I think it's important for the provider to spend more time looking at the patient than at the computer screen. This was a medications check. The doctor typically moves methodically through the medications, glancing up from the computer screen maybe once. There is no small talk and little interest in me as a person. I don't expect a doctor to know my life's story, but previous doctors have known what my interests are and would quickly ask me about them in the course of a routine appointment. The doctor speaks English as a second language well enough to communicate information, but shadings are missing. Perhaps this will improve over time. Overall, the doctor seems competent at medicine but less competent at patient relations.

I had seen Lilly once before when Dr. [...] was out. This was the same situation. Lilly didn't know me at all. Spent a lot of time looking up information, but didn't seem to have a complete picture. Routine visit..and nothing unusual was going on. Is she a good doctor, I have no idea.

Excellent experience

over all experience with my provider is great

all is good.

It was hard for me to talk to her because the computer screen was in front of her face the whole time. I kept having to turn my whole body to the right just to see her and talk face to face. She was also in and out in five minutes which seemed rushed.

This was my first appointment. [...] I'd say she did very well.
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