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Christopher S. Yang, MD

Languages: English, Korean
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
Caring is the foundation for excellence. My role as a physician and surgeon is to place the interest of the patient above all else. Listen carefully to my patients and learn, explain options clearly, deliver expert treatment.
Field of Study
Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical School
Medical College of Wisconsin
Clinical Interests
  • adenoiditis
  • adenoids
  • chronic cough
  • chronic tonsillitis
  • conductive hearing loss
  • difficulty speaking
  • dry nose
  • dry sinus
  • dysphagia
  • dysphonia
  • ear canal lesion
  • ear cyst
  • ear drainage
  • ears abscess
  • enlarged adenoids
  • epistaxis
  • esophageal diverticulum
  • eustachian tube
  • excessive drooling
  • excessive salivation
  • face swelling
  • facial cyst
  • fissured tongue
  • frostbite of ear
  • hairy tongue
  • halitosis
  • head abscess
  • head lump
  • head mass
  • hoarseness
  • hypoglossal nerve disease
  • hypoglossal nerve injury
  • impacted cerumen
  • inner ear trauma
  • itchy ear
  • laryngeal cancer
  • laryngeal papillomatosis
  • laryngeal polyps
  • laryngitis
  • lip droop
  • ludwig's angina
  • lump in throat
  • mouth abscess
  • mouth bleeding
  • mouth breathing
  • mouth pain
  • mouth ulcer
  • nasal congestion
  • nasal drainage
  • nasal polyps
  • neck abscess
  • neck cyst
  • neck lymph nodes
  • neck mass
  • neoplasm of salivary gland
  • noisy breathing
  • nose abscess
  • nose cyst
  • nose pain
  • nystagmus
  • olfactory nerve disease
  • oral inflammation
  • oral pathology
  • otitis
  • perforated ear drum
  • pharyngitis
  • polyp of cheek
  • post nasal drip
  • presbycusis
  • remove sinus packing
  • revision of tracheostomy
  • rhinitis
  • rhinoscleroma
  • salivary duct
  • salivary gland disorders
  • scratchy voice
  • sialolithiasis
  • sinus surgery
  • sinusitis
  • skin cancer surgery
  • sleep apnea surgery
  • smell disorders
  • snoring
  • sore throat
  • speech disorders
  • spots on mouth
  • spots on tongue
  • strep throat
  • stridor
  • stylohyoid syndrome
  • suppurative tonsillitis
  • swallowing problem
  • swollen parotid
  • swollen throat
  • throat abscess
  • throat drainage
  • throat mass
  • throat tightness
  • tinnitus
  • tongue pain
  • tongue sores
  • tongue tied
  • tonsillitis
  • tonsils
  • tracheostomy
  • turbinoplasty
  • velopharyngeal deficiencies
  • vocal cord abnormalities
  • vocal cord dysfunction
  • vocal cord lesion
  • vocal cord paralysis
  • vocal cord strain
  • voice problems
  • voice screening
  • xerostomia

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.2 out of 5 (79 Ratings, 8 Comments)


Dr. Yang is great. The only think I think he could do to improve is to slow down a little bit and spend a little more time with his patients.

The provider spent a minimal amount of time on the issue I came to see him for, then immediately pivoted into why I needed a septoplasty and attempted to get me on the schedule as soon as possible. I had never seen this provider before and within 10 minutes he was hustling me onto his surgical schedule. it was h toward and frankly showed little regard for me as a patient or a person. The provider's bedside manner was poor [...].His explanation as to why I needed the surgery was brief and dismissive, and when questioned as to the possibility of side effect he bragged that they only occurred in 1% of his patients, a claim I find dubious at best. The doctor was a classic medical bully, clearly used to getting his way rather than working in the patient's best interest.

Dr. Yang is an excellent doctor. In the course of my receiving treatment over the years, I've interacted with a lot of doctors. It's one thing to enjoy a doctor's expertise and training, and another to experience his/her humanity and social skill set. Dr. Yang is clearly present as a compassionate and warm human, who is skilled at connecting, communicating, executing the job, and reassuring his patient. I'd like to communicate a hearty thank you to Dr. Yang and his staff.

I had my nose cauterized. I've had this done before by the same doctor. But I didn't recall the details or procedures from previously. He did not explain any of it to me. Further, it was most unpleasant, and I felt he was dismissive and unconcerned. On the prior occasion, he was terrific.

I saw the physician for a lesion on my tongue. He thought it was benign but removed it at my request. To staunch the bleeding he chemically cauterized the site of the excision which worked well. However I was a little surprised that he didn't suggest I wash my mouth before leaving the office.

There was not nearly enough pre-op discussion about the intensity of the operation or what the procedure involved.

Dr. Yang is a great provider. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.

The reason I visit Dr. Yan is that I have water in my inner ear and cause vertigo. I was hoping at lease he can explain a little bit or suggestion to me but none. After I told him about my problem, he insisted that I should get an ear exam right away even I told him I just did two month ago and there was no problem when I saw another ETN specialist. Then Dr. Yan was aloof and said I am most doing surgery and I'll refer you to Dr. [...] who is specialist in dizziness. The total I visited him was less than 10 minutes.
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