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Ednea A. Simon, MD

Pediatric Neurologist
Languages: English, Portuguese
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
I love working with children. They’re fighters and bring hope to everyone around them. I believe in partnering with parents and families to provide their children with tools to succeed. Sometimes, these tools include medications and therapies. But, the most important tools of all: hope and love.
Field of Study
State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil
Medical School
University of Washington, Seattle
State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil
Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Washington
Professional Associations
American Epilepsy Society, Child Neurology Society, American Academy of Neurology
Personal Interests
My husband and I feel fortunate to be raising our daughters in the Pacific Northwest. We’re able to take advantage of the culture and excitement of a city like Seattle – but we’re also close to nature. During our free time, you might find our family hiking at Mt. Rainier, visiting national parks or soaking in a sunset from Magnuson Park. I love to surprise my American friends with traditional Brazilian foods like feijoada (a stew with meat and beans) and brigadeiro (a sweet confection). If you ever travel to Brazil, you must try these dishes!
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurology
Clinical Interests
  • abnormal coordination
  • abnormal eeg
  • abnormal neuroimaging
  • abnormal reflexes
  • absence epilepsy
  • acoustic neurofibromatosis
  • agenesis of the corpus callosum
  • alcohol withdrawal
  • ambulatory eeg
  • anencephaly
  • anoxic encephalopathy
  • aphasia
  • apraxia
  • asperger syndrome
  • asymmetrical crying facies
  • athetoid cerebral palsy
  • auditory processing disorder
  • aura
  • autism
  • autonomic neuropathy
  • behavioral disorders
  • beriberi
  • brachycephaly
  • breathholding spells
  • cephalocele
  • cerebellar anomaly
  • cerebellar disease
  • cerebral anomaly
  • cerebral contusion
  • cerebral degeneration in childhood
  • cerebral dysgenesis
  • cerebral heterotopia
  • cerebral lipidosis
  • cerebrospinal fluid abnormality
  • childhood epilepsy
  • chronic infantile neurologic cutaneous and articular syndrome
  • chronic migraines
  • cluster headache
  • concussive seizure
  • congenital anomaly of the central nervous system
  • congenital ataxia
  • congenital brain disorder
  • congenital cerebral hemiatrophy
  • congenital cerebral hemorrhage
  • congenital cerebral hypoplasia
  • congenital deformity of nervous system
  • congenital hydrocephalus
  • congenital lesion of nervous system
  • congenital macrocephaly
  • congenital myasthenic syndromes
  • congenital myopathies
  • congenital paralysis
  • convulsion
  • developmental delay
  • developmental disabilities
  • difficulty reading
  • difficulty writing
  • diffuse cerebral sclerosis
  • diplegia of upper limbs
  • disruptive behavior
  • dizziness
  • down syndrome
  • drop attack
  • drug-induced acute dystonia
  • dysarthria
  • dyslexia
  • dysphagia
  • dyspraxia
  • eeg telemetry
  • electroencephalography
  • encephalopathies
  • enlarged ventricle
  • epilepsy
  • epileptic aphasia
  • epileptic confusional state
  • epileptic twilight state
  • essential tremor
  • facial asymmetry
  • febrile convulsions
  • flaccid hemiplegia
  • focal dystonia
  • focal seizures
  • generalized seizures
  • genetic dystonia
  • grand mal status epilepticus
  • handwriting tremor
  • head banging
  • head trauma
  • headache
  • hemiatrophy
  • hemicrania continua
  • hemidystonia
  • hemifacial microsomia
  • hemineglect
  • hemiparesis
  • hemiplegia
  • hemiplegia infantile
  • hereditary sensory neuropathy
  • hereditary spastic paraplegia
  • hydrocephalus
  • hydromyelia
  • hypertonia
  • hypoglossal nerve disease
  • hypoglossal nerve injury
  • hypotonia
  • infantile cerebral palsy
  • infantile spasms
  • injury to brain
  • intellectual disability
  • intermittent tremor
  • intracranial hypertension
  • isolated central nervous system vasculitis
  • jc virus
  • juvenile spinal muscular atrophy
  • landau kleffner syndrome
  • learning disability
  • learning disorders
  • leg weakness
  • leigh's disease
  • lennox-gastaut syndrome
  • lissencephaly
  • macrocephaly
  • marcus gunn phenomenon
  • maternal seizures
  • meningocele
  • metabolic brain disorders
  • microcephaly
  • mitochondrial disorders
  • motor delay
  • movement disorders
  • multisystemic disseminated toxoplasmosis
  • myelitis
  • myoclonic seizures
  • myoclonus
  • narcolepsy
  • nerve root disorder
  • nerve sheath tumor
  • nervous system disorders
  • neural tube defects
  • neurocutaneous syndromes
  • neurofibromatosis
  • neurogenic dysfluency
  • neurological disorders
  • neurometabolic disorder
  • new onset seizure
  • nonepileptic event
  • optic nerve disease
  • oromotor dyspraxia
  • pachygyria
  • paralysis
  • paraplegia
  • paresthesia
  • pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections
  • petit mal status
  • pica
  • plagiocephaly
  • polymicrogyria
  • post traumatic seizures
  • post-concussion syndrome
  • post-traumatic amnesia
  • post-traumatic headache
  • pseudoseizure
  • pseudotumor cerebri
  • psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
  • rasmussen syndrome
  • rett syndrome
  • segmental dystonia
  • sensory integration disorder
  • spasmus nutans
  • spastic infantile paralysis
  • spasticity
  • speech disorders
  • spinocerebellar diseases
  • staring
  • status epilepticus
  • stereotypic movement disorder
  • sturge-weber syndrome
  • sudanophilic cerebral sclerosis
  • syncope
  • syringobulbia
  • syringomyelia
  • temporal lobe epilepsy
  • tension headache
  • tic disorder
  • tingling
  • torsion dystonia
  • tourette syndrome
  • toxoplasmosis
  • traumatic brain injury
  • tremor
  • trigeminal nerve disease
  • trigeminal nerve injury
  • trigeminal nerve palsy and paresis
  • tuberous sclerosis
  • twitching
  • vagal nerve disorders
  • vagus nerve disease
  • vagus nerve stimulation
  • ventriculomegaly

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4.5 out of 5 (30 Ratings, 5 Comments)


Kids enjoyed their visit, comfortable office and exam rooms.

For years there have been misunderstandings about what certain words mean (ex: what constitutes a seizure), and I have never been given an explanation until my most recent appointment. I wasn't given a definition right away either. I've been trying to be cleared to drive for 2 years, and by Washington State law, I meet all the requirements, but Dr. Simon was not clear about my EEG results, so I had no idea that I've been ok to drive for 2 years.

we love dr Simon and I always recommend her if I know kids with epilepsy. I have also told her primary care dr that they should recommend dr Simon along with children's and not wait until parents want a second opinion.

Dr. Simon is one of two neurologists [...] sees and she has always shown great concern for [...]'s health! We are forever grateful.

Love Dr. Simon! She's attentive, always available for any concerns or questions I have concerning my daughter
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