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Trieu T. Le, MD

Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Professional Statement
Dr. Le loves to listen, and always treats patients with compassion, competency, and respect. She believes that good care involves open communication and mutual respect between the patient and physician. Both the patient and provider must explore together the various options for the best healthcare. Then, they must come to a mutual decision as to what best fits their needs/interests, while adhering to evidence-based standards.
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical School
Valley Medical Center Family Medicine
Professional Associations
American Academy of Family Physicians, American Pain Society, and the Washington State Medical Associations.
Personal Interests
Dr. Le enjoys volunteering in the community as well as learning about her patients' diverse cultures. Family medicine offers her the challenges, fulfillment and possibility of making a difference in people's lives by improving their health and well-being.
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine
Clinical Interests
  • acne
  • allergies
  • contraception
  • diabetes mellitus
  • warts
  • women's health


1.  The Respiratory Substrate Rhodoquinol Induces Q-cycle Bypass Reactions in the Yeast Cytochrome bc1 Complex.J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 280, Issue 41, 34654-34660, October 14, 2005.
2.  Patient Knowledge and Control of Type 2 Diabetes. Journal of Investigative Medicine, Vol. 53, S102, January 2005.
3. Reactivation of Neurocysticercosis Case Report 2008. In the process of submission for publication.

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4.5 out of 5 (197 Ratings, 19 Comments)


I am changing ins. but get to keep MY dr.s. Thank you Lord.

I have an axillary lump when I came in with additional symptoms, and I wanted to address this with the provider along with the check-up. The provider prescribed antibiotics for the mass. I specifically asked if any additional scans were needed, to which the answer was "no". Regular mammogram (not diagnostic) was ordered. [...] I received a voice mail from [...] about needing a diagnostic appointment. There was not even a person speaking to me about it. I wrote two messages to the doctor to please follow up with mammogram results and I gave a phone call to the office. The receptionist responded that the doctor was "very busy". I never heard from the doctor on why she suddenly changed her mind about the course of action. I have been in agony since and slept for two hours last night. This is not the way to handle such a thing, I consider it very insensitive.

Not really a comment on Dr Le, but the MyChart showing of my test results is pretty poor. I received the results without any explanation to their meaning or what they were even testing for the most part. It would be great if you could click on the different components [...] and see what that is measuring. I got the results last week and then Dr Le wrote up some comments on them this week... probably better to get a simple "nothing really to worry about" email than to get results that don't have any explanation.

I felt like she didn't really take my word for what was bothering me until she saw it herself. Once she saw the problem she became concerned, but after prescribing me she left quickly.

while dr le was friendly and empathetic to my situation I left feeling like I didn't have an understanding of what my problem was. while she referred me to a gastro, I am not certain if she knew what my problem was or is just hoping that the gastro will figure it out. I don't know if I should be more concerned about my issue or not. overall I just feel that I left with more questions than answers.

Dr. Le is excellent. She listens attentively and is compassionate. She follows-up, via "My Chart", as well.

Dr Le is the best. I've recommended her to many friends already (both male and female) and she continues to be a fantastic doctor and provide great service every appointment I have.

problem is with phones, making appointments and support reading charts

I like Dr. Le.

[...] I asked her a question on My Chart which she answered quickly - I appreciate the ability to communicate this way at times.

Dr. Le is the reason I come to Swedish. She's an exceptional doctor on every level: expertise, warmth and approachability. Both of my daughters and my husband transferred to Dr. Le on my recommendation. I can't commend her highly enough.

there are certain areas, like sinus infections and issues, where I've given up even discussing with Dr le because her advice is way out of date or wrong

When [...] would call them they never returned their call. Ran out of most of my prescriptions. Made a mess without my blood pressure medicine & the timing of my depression medicines etc.

Provider rushing through the appointment, was on her way out without me addressing all the concerns I had. Not enough time spent discussing follow-up. Lab work ordered (that provider said they could rush due to the health problem) did not show up (still ) and it's been 8 business days. No follow up on one lab that did show up in couple of days.

Too rushed

Some doctors have a gift for seeing health problems Dr. Le has the gift. She understands the body and how it works.

I felt like I was severely misunderstood. I will not be going back to see that provider.

[...] before meeting Dr. Li I literally spent YEARS not having a steady doctor, because the refused to treat someone with my condition or because they were cold, rude, or critical of my being transgender. Dr. Li has been kind, receptive, and shown me basic human respect that I've rarely encountered in a medical professional, and she's an excellent doctor as well. She's gone out of her way to learn more about treating transgender patients and doesn't blame any medical problems on my hormone therapy, which most doctors int he past have done; instead she actually listens to my complaints and concerns and tests every possibility. She is an extraordinarily kind and brilliant woman.

Dr. Le is the best doctor I have seen.
Swedish Redmond Primary Care
18100 Northeast Union Hill Road Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052
Affiliated Facilities
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