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Eric P. Gierke, MD

Languages: English
Accepting New Patients
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical School
University of Washington - Neurology
University of Washington - Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, Neurophysiology - Clinical
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc, Neurology
Clinical Interests
  • abducens nerve disease
  • abducens nerve injury
  • abducens nerve palsy and paresis
  • abnormal coordination
  • abnormal eeg
  • abnormal emg
  • abnormal neuroimaging
  • abnormal reflexes
  • abnormal twitching
  • abscess central nervous system
  • absence epilepsy
  • accessory nerve disease
  • accessory nerve injury
  • acoustic neurofibromatosis
  • acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
  • alcohol withdrawal
  • alcoholic encephalopathy
  • alogia
  • ambulatory eeg
  • amnesia
  • amyloid neuropathy
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • aneurysm
  • anosmia
  • anoxic encephalopathy
  • aphasia
  • arteriovenous malformation
  • ataxia
  • athetoid cerebral palsy
  • aura
  • autoimmune meningitis
  • autonomic dysreflexia
  • autonomic nervous system disorders
  • autonomic neuropathy
  • beriberi
  • berry aneurysm
  • brachial plexopathy
  • brachial plexus lesion
  • brachycephaly
  • brain concussion
  • brainstem auditory evoked potential
  • bulbar palsy
  • carotid stenosis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • cauda equina syndrome
  • causalgia of lower limb
  • causalgia of upper limb
  • cerebellar anomaly
  • cerebellar ataxia
  • cerebellar disease
  • cerebral aneurysm
  • cerebral anomaly
  • cerebral arteritis
  • cerebral atherosclerosis
  • cerebral contusion
  • cerebral cyst
  • cerebral edema
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • cerebral hernia
  • cerebral laceration
  • cerebral lipidosis
  • cerebral palsy
  • cerebrospinal fluid abnormality
  • cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • cerebrovascular accident
  • cerebrovascular disorders
  • cerebrovascular insufficiency
  • charcot-marie-tooth disease
  • childhood epilepsy
  • chorea
  • choreoathetosis
  • chronic headache
  • chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuritis
  • chronic post-traumatic headache
  • ciliary neuralgia
  • circadian rhythm disorder
  • cluster headache
  • common peroneal nerve lesion
  • concussive seizure
  • convulsion
  • corticobasal degeneration
  • cranial nerve diseases
  • cranial nerve disorders
  • cranial nerve injuries
  • cranial nerve palsy
  • creutzfeldt jakob syndrome
  • degenerative brain disorder
  • degenerative disorders of the balance organs
  • delirium
  • demyelinating disease
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • diabetic polyneuropathies
  • diagnostic lumbar puncture
  • diffuse axonal injury
  • diplegia of upper limbs
  • disorder of balance
  • disorder of body awareness
  • disturbance of skin sensation
  • dizziness
  • drop attack
  • drug-induced acute dystonia
  • dysarthria
  • dysautonomia
  • dyskinesia
  • dysphagia
  • dysphonia
  • dystonia
  • echoencephalogram abnormal
  • eeg telemetry
  • electroencephalography
  • electromyography
  • encephalopathies
  • enlarged optic nerve
  • enlarged ventricle
  • epilepsy
  • essential tremor
  • evoked potentials
  • executive dysfunction
  • exvacuohydrocephalus
  • facial asymmetry
  • facial nerve palsy and paresis
  • facial paresis
  • facial spasm
  • facial tingling
  • familial ataxia
  • fasciculations
  • femoral nerve lesion
  • focal dystonia
  • foot drop
  • friedreich ataxia
  • frontal lobe disinhibition
  • functional quadriplegia
  • fungal meningitis
  • ganglioneuroblastoma
  • generalized seizures
  • genetic dystonia
  • glossopharyngeal neuralgia
  • grand mal status epilepticus
  • guillain barre syndrome
  • handwriting tremor
  • head trauma
  • headache
  • hearing loss
  • hemiatrophy
  • hemicrania continua
  • hemidystonia
  • hemineglect
  • hemiparesis
  • hemiplegia
  • hereditary sensory neuropathy
  • hereditary spastic paraplegia
  • hiv dementia
  • hiv neuropathy
  • hydrocephalus
  • hydromyelia
  • hypertonia
  • hypoglossal nerve disease
  • hypoglossal nerve injury
  • hypotonia
  • idiopathic transverse myelitis
  • infantile cerebral palsy
  • infectious neuritis
  • injury to brain
  • intention tremor
  • intermittent cerebral ischemia
  • intermittent tremor
  • intracranial arterial occlusion
  • intracranial hemorrhages
  • intracranial hypertension
  • isolated central nervous system vasculitis
  • late effect of spinal cord injury
  • late effects of poliomyelitis
  • lateral sclerosis
  • leg numbness
  • leg weakness
  • lesion of popliteal nerve
  • lesion of sciatic nerve
  • leukodystrophy
  • lip droop
  • lissencephaly
  • lobar atrophy of brain
  • locked-in syndrome
  • loss of consciousness
  • lumbar puncture
  • lumbosacral plexus lesion
  • macrocephaly
  • marcus gunn phenomenon
  • maternal neurologic disorders
  • meralgia paresthetica
  • metabolic brain disorders
  • microcephaly
  • migraine
  • migraine treatment
  • mononeuritis
  • mononeuritis multiplex
  • monoplegia
  • monoplegia of upper limb
  • motor neuron disease
  • movement disorders
  • moyamoya
  • multiple sclerosis
  • multiple system atrophy
  • multisystemic disseminated toxoplasmosis
  • muscle spasticity
  • muscle weakness
  • muscular dystrophy
  • myelitis
  • myelomeningocele
  • myelopathy
  • myoclonic seizures
  • myoclonus
  • nerve conduction studies
  • nerve diseases
  • nerve root disorder
  • nerve sheath tumor
  • nervous system disorders
  • neuralgic amyotrophy
  • neuritis
  • neuroborreliosis
  • neurological disorders
  • neurometabolic disorder
  • neuromuscular ultrasound
  • neuropathy
  • neurosarcoidosis
  • nonruptured cerebral aneurysm
  • normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • numbness
  • occipital neuralgia
  • olfactory nerve disease
  • optic migraines
  • optic nerve and pathway injury
  • optic nerve disease
  • pachygyria
  • paralysis
  • paraneoplastic polyneuropathy
  • paraplegia
  • parasitic meningitis
  • paresthesia
  • pellagra
  • periodic paralysis
  • peripheral autonomic neuropathy
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • periventricular lesion
  • periventricular leukomalacia
  • periventricular mass
  • peroneal muscular atrophy
  • peroneal nerve lesion
  • petit mal status
  • pinched nerve
  • plagiocephaly
  • plantar nerve lesion
  • plexitis
  • plexopathy
  • poliodystrophia cerebri
  • poliomyelitis
  • polymicrogyria
  • polyneuropathy
  • polysomnography
  • popliteal nerve lesion
  • post traumatic seizures
  • post-concussion syndrome
  • post-traumatic amnesia
  • post-traumatic headache
  • primary progressive aphasia
  • problems with smell and taste
  • progressive muscular atrophy
  • progressive supranuclear palsy
  • pseudobulbar palsy
  • pseudotumor cerebri
  • psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
  • quadriplegia
  • radial nerve lesion
  • radiculopathy
  • reflex neurovascular dystrophy
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • restless legs syndrome
  • schwannomatosis
  • segmental dystonia
  • sensory impairment
  • sensory problem with head
  • sensory problem with neck and trunk
  • sensory problems with limbs
  • slurred speech
  • spasticity
  • spinal cord diseases
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • spinocerebellar degeneration
  • spinocerebellar diseases
  • staring
  • status epilepticus
  • stereotypic movement disorder
  • subdural hematoma
  • subdural hemorrhage
  • syphilis
  • syringobulbia
  • syringomyelia
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • temporal sclerosis
  • tension headache
  • tetany
  • tetraplegia
  • tibial nerve lesion
  • tic disorder
  • tingling
  • torsion dystonia
  • torticollis
  • tourette syndrome
  • toxic myoneural disorders
  • toxoplasmosis
  • transient cerebral ischemia
  • transient ischemic attack
  • transient limb paralysis
  • transient monocular vision loss
  • transverse myelitis
  • traumatic brain injury
  • tremor
  • trigeminal nerve disease
  • trigeminal nerve injury
  • trigeminal nerve palsy and paresis
  • tuberculosis of meninges
  • tuberous sclerosis
  • ulnar nerve
  • ulnar nerve compression
  • unsteady gait
  • uremic encephalopathy
  • vagal nerve disorders
  • vagus nerve disease
  • vascular malformations of the brain
  • vascular myelopathy
  • vasculitic neuropathy
  • venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis
  • venous sinus thrombosis
  • ventriculomegaly
  • vertebrobasilar insufficiency
  • vertigo
  • vestibular function test abnormal
  • viral meningitis
  • visual evoked potentials
  • vitamin b deficiency

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4.6 out of 5 (107 Ratings, 27 Comments)


Dr. Gierke is first rate. He is my Parkinsons guy. My GP is in Issaquah, nearer where I live. I came to Cherry Hill after consulting another Doc that I respect and asked for a referral. Didn't have confidence in the Issaquah Swedish neurologists.

DR Gerke is one of the best doctors I have ever been around, and his care/concern are always over the top. I have a rare neurological disorder he has been guiding me through for a few years, and I would not even think about switching Doctors. He is the best, and a very good man on top of that!

I really liked him. He was funny.

Couldn't be happier!

Dr. Gierke is a very good MD. I see him for neurological issues.

[...] I have been receiving this treatment for years. It has been successful and there is not really a need for extensive f/u info. I am less likely to recommend this provider solely based on location. It is a major hassle to go to this location based on traffic, parking costs and street availability, time to travel-park-appointment. [...] having this service in the north end would be preferable.

I found my entire interaction with the doctor smooth and easy. He spoke in words I understood and explained what he thought, and what brought him to that idea. He's an awesome doctor!

I came for a second opinion and I felt that he really listened to my saga and came up with some fresh ideas about what might be causing my symptoms.

He tried his best to answer questions but needed to wait for test results.

Dr. Gierke is amazing! He is funny, knowledgeable and understanding.

Dr Gierke was thorough, attentive, read my past medical history and gathered the current incident info and he arrived at what I think is an appropriate course of treatment.

Dr. Gierke is extremely thoughtful, and excellent listener and observer, and is very focused on solving my health issue. Visits never feel rushed, he is always prepared, and asks interesting, thoughtful questions about my condition. He thinks about problems broadly, not just from the focused perspective of his specialty.

We can't say enough good things Dr. Eric P. Gierke MD and his team.

Dr. Gierke is a compassionate, thoughtful understanding physician. He provide outstanding care and is very devoted. His investigative and diagnostic skills are superb.

I am fortunate to have Dr. Eric P. Gierke, I trust him and know he cares about my condition. I have great respect for him.

Dr. Gierke was very thorough in his exam and conversation regarding symptoms.

Seeing Dr. Gierke was a very good experience and worth the six hour round trip to Swedish from Sequim, Wa. if he can improve my balance problems and help alleviate my constant spinal pain. I think he will.

[...] he has done more either directly or through referrals than any other neurologist (out of five) that I have seen.

My reluctance of referral to this provider is purely based on the office location.

Dr. Gherke is not a good listener and often talks about himself. We came to a mutual decision that I don't need to see a neurologist.

I presented Dr Gierke with a complex and challenging health problem, but he refused to give up and took up to 2 hours, at the end of his day, fitting me into his schedule. As he continued to try to come up with what was wrong, he was very pleasant, keeping me at ease, never causing me to become stressed. At the end of this time, he was able to come up with a diagnosis that my doctors here in Montana have missed for months, and we are going forward with treatment in the correct departments at Swedish to treat and heal this. I am so thankful that Dr Gierke that did not give up at the end of a long day. [...] He is the best!! If anyone in Montana needs a neurologist with a problem that their doctor is not helping them with, I will definitely tell them to get to Swedish Neuroscience Institute to see Dr Gierke. [...]

Very responsive and very willing to spend the time required to address my questions and concerns.

We took more of Dr. Gierke's time than we expected, my wife had some anxiety around my health issues and that was pretty intense during the appointment. The Dr. and staff are amazing, as are all the Swedish staff I've seen... and I've seen quite a few.

All good.

Dr Gierke was very humble which is unusual in his field of medicine. He was very easy to understand and when he had to do testing that is painful, he was very gentle, compassionate, and kind. He really carefully considered any further tests that he wanted, being mindful of me not having insurance, and yet wanting to find the cause of the pain that my doctors in Montana had spent a year trying to diagnosis. He was thorough and I felt that he listened to me. It was indeed a pleasure to have Dr Gierke as my doctor.

Dr. Gierke walks into a room and fills it with intelligence.....before he utters a word. I have complete faith in his ability, as does my husband, and feel fortunate he is our neurologist.

Dr. Gierke is excellent and the care/concern he has shown in helping me w/ my migraine headaches is much appreciated. [...]
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