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Sean Colio, MD

Languages: German, Italian, English
  • Physical Medicine and Rehab
    • Sports Medicine
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
I am a board certified sports medicine physician specializing in sports and musculoskeletal injuries and prevention. I treat all problems relating to sports and exercise for elite athletes to weekend warriors to anyone interested in starting a new exercise routine. I am one of the first physicians in the US to receive certification by ARDMS in musculoskeletal sonography. I use musculoskeletal ultrasound to provide precise, diagnostic, minimally invasive, office based treatments for musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. I can look inside injuries to see the damage and perform office based regenerative treatments, like blood and platelet rich plasma injections and Tenex Tenotomy. I also provide evaluation and treatment for sports concussions in all ages, sports team event coverage, and electrodiagnostics for neurological injuries. I am the co-founder and co-director of the sports concussion clinic at Swedish. I am also one of the core faculty and the primary musculoskeletal ultrasonography instructor for the ACGME Sports Fellowship at Swedish. I have provided sports medicine for the Seattle Reign, AVP Volleyball, Lacrosse, Seattle University, Puget Sound Gunners Soccer, Sacramento Mountain Lions (a United Football Team), USA Boxing, UFC Mixed Martial Arts, sports teams at the high school and collegiate levels, and Issaquah Gunners Soccer Club.
Field of Study
Marko Bodor, M.D., Napa, Calif.
University of California at Davis Medical Center and Shriner's Hospital
Chief Resident
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Medical School
Professional Associations
American College of Sports Medicine, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, American Registry of Diagnostic Sonography
Personal Interests
Swimming, golf, surfing, cooking, tech, traveling, playing banjo
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Clinical Interests
  • abnormal emg
  • achilles tendonitis
  • acl injuries
  • ankle impingement
  • ankle injury
  • ankle sports injury
  • anterior cruciate ligament
  • apophysitis
  • arm injury
  • arm pain
  • arthritis
  • back muscle injury
  • bicep injury
  • bicep tear
  • biceps tendonitis
  • brain concussion
  • bursitis
  • calf muscle injury
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • cartilage injury
  • concussion testing
  • cortisone injection
  • discoid meniscus
  • elbow injury
  • elbow pain
  • elbow sprain
  • electrodiagnostic medicine
  • electromyography
  • epidural injection
  • exercise induced asthma
  • foot injury - sports related
  • foot pain
  • fracture of forearm
  • fracture of tibia
  • freiberg's disease
  • frozen shoulder
  • gastrocnemius injury
  • gluteal injury
  • growth plate injury
  • hamstring injury
  • heat illness
  • hip impingement
  • hip labral tear
  • hip pain
  • hip pain, under age 60
  • hip rotator cuff
  • hip rotator cuff tear
  • iliotibial band
  • injury of muscle
  • injury to brain
  • injury to foot
  • joint injection
  • joint sprain
  • juvenile osteochondrosis
  • knee injuries
  • knee pain
  • knee pain for patients aged younger than 60
  • kneecap dislocation
  • late effect of spinal cord injury
  • lateral collateral ligament
  • lateral collateral ligament tear
  • leg injury
  • leg numbness
  • leg pain
  • ligament injury
  • locking knee
  • medial collateral ligament
  • medial collateral ligament injury of the knee
  • medial epicondylitis
  • meniscus
  • meniscus injury
  • muscle cramps
  • muscle strain
  • muscle tears
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • neck muscle injury
  • nerve block
  • nerve conduction studies
  • numbness
  • nutrition and supplement issues
  • osgood schlatter disease
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteochondritis dissecans
  • osteochrondial defect
  • overuse injury
  • patellar instability
  • patellar stabilization
  • patellofemoral instability
  • patellofemoral syndrome
  • pectoral muscle injury
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • peroneal tendonitis
  • piriformis syndrome
  • pityriasis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • posterior cruciate ligament
  • posterior cruciate ligament tear
  • posterior tibial tendon rupture
  • quadricep injury
  • radiofrequency ablation
  • repetitive stress injury
  • rotator cuff
  • rotator cuff impingement
  • rotator cuff injury
  • running injury
  • rupture of achilles tendon
  • sever's disease
  • shin splints
  • shoulder dislocation
  • shoulder impingement
  • shoulder injury
  • shoulder instability
  • shoulder pain
  • shoulder strain
  • spondylolisthesis
  • sports injury
  • sports physical
  • sports psychology
  • sprain
  • stress fractures
  • tendonitis
  • tennis elbow
  • throwing injuries
  • tibial tendonitis
  • torn ligament
  • torn meniscus
  • tricep injury
  • ultrasound
  • wrist pain
  • wrist sprain

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Physical therapy vs structured home exercise program after Tenex tenotomy

Philips MSK ultrasound validation studies

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The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.4 out of 5 (72 Ratings, 19 Comments)


I've been a patient of Dr. Colio's for a couple of years and highly recommend him for any musculoskeletal issues.

not confident in the cleaning procedures and his bedside manner is fair.

I didn't have the feeling Dr. Colio understood why I was there. I didn't really feel like I received a full diagnosis. Just sort of scattered.

I had problems prior to appointment & I felt like I was pushed away as if I wasn't important. Its been 2 wks. & I'm still going through problems from what the dr. done. I called several times & no one helped nor listened.

Doctor Colio was patient in listening to my problem and coming up with a solution to help me...

I don't understand the whole process as to which provider is to give me the most information, it seemed as though one doctor was there for the diagnosis and another doctor was to do the ultrasound and then I was to go back to the first provider to get the results read but this was very confusing especially having them both be doctors and it seemed as though neither one was giving me enough information about each of their roles in my care.


Dr. Colio is very pleasant AND professional. He is also very rushed.

After one year and TENEX I still have tennis elbow. Just got a cortisone shot and will see what happens now. May not be doctors fault but taints my views and confidence.

much more informative than the other clinicians I've seen for this problem

Dr Colio isyhe absolute best doctor in this field--my sister went to him for her torn meniscus in the knees and she's back to being very active again.

This was a referal for corazoe injection.Doc was -like a magician - in & out before I realized he had ever stsrted, Great!!

I wish all doctors could be as caring , understanding, and effective as Dr. Colio and the people in his office.

Dr. Colio spent a lot of time with me describing various options for treatment. He gave me literature on each of the options and explained next steps.

Dr Colio takes time to address all concerns, shares results of tests & diagnosis, also makes sure you have supplemental tools to further help you recover.

I would have had a VERY good experience, but didn't feel I had an opportunity to ask questions about what he told me - somewhat rushed.

already have referred atleast 5 people

Dr. Culio was great at diagnosing my injury with the first visit. He listened and asked questions regarding my pain and the injection he gave me at his office on my first visit brought quick relief. He gave me a prescription for PT and on my follow-up visit I was experiencing a lot less pain. Now I'm feeling like I'm going to be able to run again. Thank You Dr. Culio.

Loved him. He was very thorough & kind.
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