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Vincent T. Chan, MD

Languages: English
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to patients concerns and to find ways to help them achieve their personal goals. Its rewarding to learn from patients as I educate them about their health issues and offer them treatment options tailored to their specific needs. I have completed fellowship training to benefit patients with diseases of the sinus and nasal airway and collaborate with my colleagues in the Department of Neurosurgery to offer minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to lesions of the anterior skullbase.
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine
Medical School
University of Washington
Lahey Clinic, Rhinology and Sinus
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Otolaryngology, Otolaryngology/Otorhinolaryngology
Clinical Interests
  • acinic cell cancer
  • acoustic nerve injury
  • adenoidcystic carcinoma
  • adenoiditis
  • adenoids
  • allergic rhinitis
  • anosmia
  • autoimmune inner ear disease
  • baha implant
  • base of skull tumors
  • branchial cleft cyst
  • caloric reflex testing
  • cheek bone fractures
  • cheek problems
  • cholesteatoma
  • chronic cough
  • chronic ear infections
  • chronic tonsillitis
  • cleft lip
  • cleft lip repair
  • cleft palate
  • cleft palate repair
  • cochlear implants
  • cochlear nerve damage
  • deviated septum
  • difficulty speaking
  • distortion of the face
  • dizziness
  • dry nose
  • dry sinus
  • dysphagia
  • dysphonia
  • ear canal lesion
  • ear cancer
  • ear cyst
  • ear drainage
  • ear melanoma
  • ear pressure
  • earache
  • ears abscess
  • endoscopic sinus surgery
  • enlarged adenoids
  • epistaxis
  • esophageal diverticulum
  • eustachian tube
  • excessive drooling
  • excessive salivation
  • eye socket fractures
  • face cancer
  • face melanoma
  • face stitch removal
  • face swelling
  • facial cyst
  • facial nerve injury
  • facial nerve palsy and paresis
  • facial paresis
  • fissured tongue
  • foreign body in ear
  • foreign body in nose
  • foreign body in throat
  • free flap neck
  • glossopharyngeal neuralgia
  • goldenhar syndrome
  • growth on ear
  • growth on head
  • growth on neck
  • hairy tongue
  • halitosis
  • head abscess
  • head and neck melanoma
  • head and neck sarcoma
  • head cyst
  • head lump
  • head mass
  • hearing loss
  • hemifacial microsomia
  • hypoglossal nerve disease
  • hypoglossal nerve injury
  • idiopathic orbital inflammatory disease
  • itchy ear
  • jaw cancer
  • jaw deformities
  • jaw fracture
  • jaw surgery
  • labyrinthitis
  • laryngeal cancer
  • laryngeal papillomatosis
  • laryngeal polyps
  • laryngitis
  • laryngomalacia
  • ludwig's angina
  • lump in throat
  • malformations of ear
  • malignant neoplasm of lip
  • malignant neoplasm of tonsils
  • mandibular resection prosthesis
  • mandibular tori
  • maxillofacial pathology
  • maxillofacial regeneration
  • melanoma on ear
  • melanoma on face
  • midfacial hypoplasia
  • missing eardrum
  • mouth abscess
  • mouth bleeding
  • mouth breathing
  • mouth cancer
  • mouth cyst
  • mouth pain
  • mouth ulcer
  • mucklewells syndrome
  • nasal congestion
  • nasal drainage
  • nasal polyps
  • nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
  • nasopharyngeal cancer
  • neck abscess
  • neck cancer
  • neck cyst
  • neck lymph nodes
  • neck mass
  • neck pain
  • neoplasm of ear
  • neoplasm of salivary gland
  • noisy breathing
  • nose abscess
  • nose cyst
  • nose fracture
  • nose pain
  • nystagmus
  • olfactory nerve disease
  • oral inflammation
  • oral pathology
  • oropharyngeal cancer
  • orthognathic surgery
  • osteoma
  • osteonecrosis of the jaw
  • otalgia
  • otitis
  • otosclerosis
  • paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancer
  • paranasal surgery
  • parathyroid adenoma
  • parathyroid cancer
  • perforated ear drum
  • pharyngitis
  • polyp of cheek
  • post nasal drip
  • preauricular fistula
  • presbycusis
  • reconstruction orbit
  • remove sinus packing
  • revision of tracheostomy
  • rhinitis
  • rhinoscleroma
  • ruptured eardrum
  • salivary duct
  • salivary gland disorders
  • scratchy voice
  • septoplasty
  • septum problem
  • sialolithiasis
  • sinus cancer
  • sinus fracture
  • sinus mass
  • sinus polyp
  • sinus pressure
  • sinus surgery
  • sinusitis
  • sleep apnea
  • sleep apnea surgery
  • sleep disorders
  • small ear canal
  • smell disorders
  • snoring
  • sore throat
  • speech disorders
  • spots on mouth
  • spots on tongue
  • squamous cell carcinoma of skin of lip
  • stapedectomy
  • strep throat
  • stridor
  • stylohyoid syndrome
  • subglottic stenosis
  • suppurative tonsillitis
  • swallowing problem
  • swollen parotid
  • swollen throat
  • temporal bone cancer
  • temporomandibular joint surgery
  • throat abscess
  • throat cancer
  • throat drainage
  • throat mass
  • throat tightness
  • thyroglossal duct disorders
  • thyroid
  • thyroid cancer
  • thyroid nodule
  • thyroid surgery
  • tinnitus
  • tongue cancer
  • tongue clip
  • tongue mass
  • tongue pain
  • tongue sores
  • tongue tied
  • tonsillitis
  • tonsils
  • toxic nodular goiter
  • tracheal dilatation
  • tracheal mass
  • tracheal reconstruction
  • tracheal stent
  • tracheostomy
  • tumor of nose
  • tumor of parotid gland
  • tympanoplasty/mastoidectomy
  • uvuloplasty
  • velopharyngeal deficiencies
  • vermilionectomy
  • vertigo
  • vocal cord abnormalities
  • vocal cord dysfunction
  • vocal cord lesion
  • vocal cord paralysis
  • vocal cord strain
  • voice problems
  • voice screening
  • weak cry
  • xerostomia
Blog Posts
By: Vincent T Chan, MD
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of the best parts of living and practicing in Seattle (Ballard in particular) is that I see my patients everywhere I go! Just this last weekend I ran into patients buying bagels, at the Ballard farmer’s market, and walking around Greenlake.

One patient I saw recently asked about her husband who was always complaining about his nose but she hasn’t been able to drag him into my office to be evaluated.  She asked me, “What can I have him do to at home to help his nose?”

For home care, I may recommend my patients rinse their nose with saline once a day.  Nasal saline irrigation has been well studied in controlled trials and has been shown to improve nasal symptom scores regardless of whether the nose is bothered by sinusitis or allergies.  It is one


The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.3 out of 5 (72 Ratings, 16 Comments)


excellent care and attention by all individuals with minor exception noted. i will continue to see this provider without hesitation and with full confidence.

Dr. Chan is an excellent provider and I highly recommend him. Very down to earth, he put me at ease during a very stressful time for me.

good experience.

Communication is very important to me. I felt that this provider was trying to act concerned, but he was in a hurry, did not give ROOM for my questions (so some weren't asked.) I was sorry that I had not researched the best provider before my appointment, but looked him up afterward. Lots of criticisms about him not communicating well, always in a hurry, talking to the parent even when the child was asking questions, etc. It seemed like he was trying to be better about it, but I'm also guessing he's crowding as many patients in as possible. He brings a "scribe" in with him! I've never seen that before. He's unable to chart on his own? (Not if he's on the run!) I concede that Dr Chan may be an excellent surgeon. I hope so, but I also need someone who has room for me as a whole person.

Excellent doctor.

Dr. Chan might not be aware of how surprising it is, going from the nervous quiet of an empty exam room, to the sudden bustle of him and two other people (scribe, intern) bursting in. I was unaware that he would have anyone else with him, and as my reasons for visiting were upsetting (cancer), and I had never met him before, it was somewhat grating to have not one, but three strangers suddenly in the room with me, while I sat there, overly emotional and frightened. Dr. Chan and the two others with him were great. It was only that initial moment that felt unsettling. I recommend he or his staff let patients know ahead of time that there will be two others with him during the visit. To talk honestly about having cancer with someone you don't know is hard enough, and the dynamic is changed when suddenly it is a group discussion. Again, Dr. Chan was clear, and attentive, and I was happy with our appointment. This other point is just a tiny suggestion, not meant to in any way detract from the importance and positivity of the appointment itself.

I know these are just routing follow-up cancer check-ups, but I always get the feeling that we have to get through the appointment as quickly as possible. I don't like having an anonymous scribe taking notes during the appointment. It's always someone different, and this time the scribe was not particularly professionally dressed and did not so much as make eye contact but just burst into the room and started typing. Cancer follow-up care is serious, life-or-death kind of stuff, and though that may be routine for health care providers, discussing serious health issues with a stranger in the room--especially a stranger who is quietly typing away about what's said--make me uncomfortable. Also, just who the doctor is talking to during the appointment is unclear as well. I will stay with Dr. Chan for consistency's sake, but his brisk (not brusk) manner and having a note taker in the office do not make me feel like much more than just another unit coming down the production line.

I have recommended Dr. Chan to my daughter, who had a good experience with him also. He was able to locate her problem (which was not diagnosed for a long time), and recommend treatment to "cure" with my issue.

Dr. Chan was great. I was there partially to see him for an issue that's exacerbated by anxiety and I was impressed with and appreciated how considerate he was of that. He'd also read through my chart and made some recommendations based on my current symptoms and my previous history. I can't remember the last time I noticed a doctor had done that and brought it up in the course of the appointment. I really liked my experience with him and trusted his judgement.

He seems competent and has been very helpful in this visit and past visits [...]

Physician went out of his way to work me into his schedule. Extremely pleasant, answered all my questions, put me at ease about the lesion he removed and biopsied. Highly recommend.

Given the trouble getting through on the telephone during regular times or in an emergency, I won't be recommending this provider or the clinic. Dr. Chan is very genial and sounds and appears authoritative. Unfortunately, the communications aspect sinks any recommendation.


Appreciated Dr. Chan's pick-up on my apprehension of more than reflux problem. He quelled my concerns directly and substantively.

sorry, this appointment seemed unimportant. and a waste of insurance and my money, since I was told my hearing was fine.

3 visits to end up where I started. I felt like an ATM machine = money out, noting in return. I still have the issue [...]
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