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Sara E. Benveniste, MD

Primary Care Physician
Languages: English
Professional Statement
Dr. Benveniste enjoys providing quality evidence-based care to patients of all ages with emphasis on preventative care.
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical School
Family Practice Valley Medical Center
Personal Interests
Clinical Interests include: Pediatrics (Newborn, Adolescent, Well-Child) Women's Health with Obstetrics, Adults
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine
Clinical Interests
  • adolescent medicine
  • pregnancy
  • preventive medicine
  • well child exam
  • women's health

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.6 out of 5 (182 Ratings, 23 Comments)


I really like Dr. Beneviste. She is always friendly and helpful if I have a question.

The problem is with the ancillary staff not the provider

I can literally not imagine another PCP, than Sarah.

Dr Benveniste showed care and concern througout the appt. I never was really given a thorough explanation of some of the blood work ordered. When results came back I felt like I had to advocate for myself to get a better understanding of the results.

this doctor looked away from me most of the time when she was talking with me. I found this very disconcerting.

Cons: When prescribed [Prescription 2] a second time, I was not listened to in trying to explain the struggle to afford the medication. There was an assumption that because I was able to fulfill a prescription for [Prescription 1] at one time from a different physician, that I could afford [Prescription 2]. I was not given the opportunity to explain that I got [Prescription 1] because of an online coupon that allowed me to get the medication for free since my insurance wouldn't cover it at the time. After trying to use a coupon for [Prescription 2], the balance still leaves me with having to pay over $130 because my insurance will only cover so much, and I wish there was room to have discussed the risks and likelihood of repercussions of the medication, or what other options might be available. The date of my last [Regular Prescription X] issuance also was never looked at and is still not renewed. I mentioned nothing about living with a pet, and there must have been a note in my chart that I live with one. I was never given the chance to explain that I don't even sleep with a pet and that I don't believe my symptoms are due to having a pet. There was also no consideration of if I had tried to change my living situation to see if I was already allergic to my pet, in which case I never would have come in to the appointment if I knew or deduced that my pet was the cause. I specifically explained in writing and in person that I was training for a physically aggressive event, and no consideration of what I could do to train without overdoing cardio in the midst of breathing difficulties was addressed. I specifically mentioned running outside 2x a week for training. After taking a 3 week break from outdoor running and using camphor oil and menthol, my breathing is manageable because I didn't know what else to do besides rest and try to look for another doctor. Due to this experience, I am skeptical of how well I would be listened to about my circumstances and what I have done to try to eliminate factors that could be the cause of my difficulty breathing if I went to one of the referred specialists I was recommended to see. Pros: The staff were kind and the medical specialist/assistant was very friendly and warm.

[...] This provider was very nice and personable, but she seemed to avoid eye contact which felt a little off.

Dr Benveniste has developed an excellent rapport with me, and I feel like she is extra thoughtful in looking out for me, making sure my health needs are being met, and that the doctors she refers me to are also treating me well.

Dr. Sara Benveniste is one of the best doctors I have ever had. We have an extremely good working relationship based on mutual respect and trust. I would, and have, highly recommended her and the entire Greenlake clinic to others.

I simply don't think I'd be alive if not for the care of Dr. Sara Benveniste. I trust her in every way.

Dr. Benveniste continues to be the only doctor I would consider sending my three children to. Her care and expertise are unparalleled, and she always makes my kids feel totally at ease. We love Dr. Sara!

The doctor rarely made eye contact which was peculiar. Kept looking down. I have a history of neck and back problems and had a weird neck spasm. I've done PT and explained what was going on out of the ordinary. I seem to know more about my condition than she did. She referred me to more PT and a Spa for therapeutic massage of all things. I'm older (66) but not stupid. I was not looking for medication. My question was what could be related to the grinding sensation whenever I move my head. She said it was a strain. Baloney. It's either spondylosis or arthritis. Didn't get any recommendations other than to treat a strain.Waste of time.

Dr. B is very thorough in my exam and listens to my concerns.

very embarrassing subject. Good detail given chatting back-and-forth well done.

The doctor seemed to have something like a bemused expression. She was attentive and caring, but her expression could be perceived as not taking the patient seriously.

Dr. Benveniste continues to be the only doctor I would consider taking my 3 kids to. She gives unparalleled medical care and has an unmatched bedside manner. She truly is the best.

Really like Dr. Benveniste. I feel like we have good rapport and she understands my concerns.

Dr. Benveniste continues to be the only doctor I would consider bringing my children to. She is professional, knowledgable, and has a warm and friendly demeanor, completely putting my children at ease. I continually recommend her to friends and family, who have all received similarly excellent care.

Dr. Benvensite is kind, courteous, respectful, attentive, un-hurried, sensitive and helpful - all things you hope for in a doctor. She took extra time after my appt. to walk me straight to reception staff to schedule a follow-up, so I wouldn't have to wait in any extra lines, and is always so friendly - I would highly recommend her to anyone.

provider fits my personality and we have developed a quality professional relationship over time. I noticed when I recommended her to a friend, my friend did not personally like her communication style. I am very pleased with her and have confidence in the care I receive. I don't know that she'd be a good fit for patients who are shy or anxious or prefer a dr who shows engagement by asking the patient lots of questions and draw them out.

I felt I was in the most capable of hands. She is an excellent listener who made me feel we had all the in the world for my health care.

i would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Benveniste, but in the past 2-3 years, it has been nearly impossible to get in to this office with any doctor for a same day immediate care ( illness, injury) appt. as such, I cannot easily recommend this clinic to others. i have transferred my child's care elsewhere as a result.

Saw this provider when regular PCP wasn't available. She was awesome! Understood the issues I faced (which are complex) and spent time helping me understand the ins and outs of PT. Went the extra mile to contact PT agency for in-home care and understood immediately the reason I needed it. All the while, she was friendly and optimistic.
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Seattle, WA 98115
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