If Your Mammogram is Abnormal

If Your Mammogram is Abnormal

If you have a mammogram and it comes back abnormal, you're going to want answers right away. First, remember that an abnormal mammogram does not necessarily mean you have breast disease or cancer. As many as 10 percent of women who have mammograms are called back for further evaluation. The majority find out through further tests that they are fine.

At the Swedish Breast Centers, we also offer a wide range of state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities that let us tell you what's going on with your breasts quickly, accurately and using minimally invasive techniques.

In addition to the most modern equipment, we have a caring and experienced medical staff that specializes in breast care and that exceeds national certification standards. These specialists can be an enormous help in answering questions, explaining procedures, assessing personal risk and lending a supportive ear.

What's more, the Swedish Breast Centers are part of Swedish Medical Center. So if you do need additional treatment, you'll have access to the Breast Cancer Program at the Swedish Cancer Institute — the largest, most comprehensive cancer-treatment facility in Washington state.

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