Our Services

The Swedish Organ Transplant Program provides comprehensive evaluation and care for patients facing chronic or advanced kidney and liver disease. Using the latest advances in transplant technology and leading-edge medical and surgical interventions, Swedish’s Organ Transplant Program provides patients with individualized, ongoing care for chronic or advanced kidney and liver disease.

Swedish’s Organ Transplant Program is comprised of dedicated team members who work together to provide the best possible care and to restore patients to their optimum health.

Transplant Services

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant offers a patient with kidney failure the opportunity to lead a healthier, more normal life. Kidney transplants are the most...

Liver Transplant

Swedish’s Liver Transplant Team is dedicated to bringing new hope and the gift of prolonged life to patients who suffer from end stage liver...

Pancreas Transplant

Swedish’s Pancreas Transplant Team is dedicated to restoring patients requiring lifelong insulin therapy to their optimum health by combining...