Organ/Kidney Transplant Research

Organ/Kidney Transplant Research

The Organ Transplant Program at Swedish participates in promising medical research. The program, for example, has investigated new medications to reduce the rate of rejection, as well as drug treatments that avoid the use of steroids. One current study is focusing on kidney-transplant recipients.


New research study for kidney-transplant recipients

Swedish Medical Center is participating in an international study sponsored by the Immune Transplant Network and the National Institutes of Health that seeks to determine why, in rare cases, some transplant patients are able to maintain a good kidney with limited or no ongoing anti-rejection therapy. 


You may be eligible for this study if you are a kidney-transplant recipient and have had stable kidney function without changes in your medications for the past 12 months, and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are only taking prednisone for your kidney.

  • You are taking no medicines for your kidney.

  • You received your kidney from an identical twin.

No direct benefits are anticipated for participating transplant recipients. 


For more information about this study, or to find out if you qualify, contact the Organ Transplant Program at Swedish. You can reach us by calling 206-386-3660 or 1-800-99-ORGAN (1-800-996-7426) or e-mailing us at The study coordinator is Joshua Lieberman, M.D. Additional study information is also available at


Researchers do not want you to stop taking your anti-rejections medicine. You should follow your doctor’s advice regarding your medications. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions.


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