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Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

Jennica McPherson

Thoracic_Jennica_jump_130 Kennedy Catholic high-school volleyball standout -- and Seamount League MVP candidate -- was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the 16-year-old's lung. "I try to be positive because it's the only way you can get through things," she said.

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Jamie Johnson

Thoracic_jamie_200"I was informed that it was CANCER.  After that came a few tears and a million questions.  "Why me?  How can this be? " ...  Dr. Louie and his staff changed all of that for me. I am living proof that in the right hands, cancer can be beat! "

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Dr. Vallieres,

I did it. I completed the 2007 Danskin Triathlon! My Goal: Just to complete it - hoping to finish in less than three hours. I did in two hours and forty-four minutes.

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About Lung Cancer
Dr. Aye and the thoracic surgery team.

Rob Frerichs

After an oncologist told Rob there was nothing more he could do, he got a new oncologist at Swedish. Five years after his diagnosis, hes cancer-free.

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Jan Seaman

Short of breath after climbing the three flights of stairs to her apartment, Jan Seaman thought it might be worth looking into. It was, and six-plus years later shes cancer-free.

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Esophageal Cancer

Tanya Gularte

Tanya believes its well worth it to sit on an airplane for a few hours if theres a brilliant surgeon on the other end of that flight.

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Warren Barlow

Thoracic_warren_200At 78 years of age was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  Right after his 79th birthday, he entered Swedish Medical Center to undergo an esophagectomy (removal of the esophagus) by Dr. Brian Louie

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Josef  Rosinski

Josef was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma.  Treatment and the road to recovery is often a long and winding road. With only one lung, Joe has returned to his golf game! 

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Watch malignant pleural mesothelioma video

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72-Year-Old Triathlete

Thoracic_triathlete_200Dr. Aye,
Here is the promised photo of the finish after the Danskin Triathlon. Thanks to your skill I was able to do this. I came in third in my age group, 70 and over. My time was two hours, 19 minutes. I am really pleased.

This is one of our beloved patients age 72 and two years out from an esphagogastrectomy for high-grade dysplasia.

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