Acute TeleStroke

Acute TeleStroke

At the Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI) in Seattle, we use technology to help bring expertise and urgent care to stroke patients – wherever they are. Through video conferencing experts at SNI are able to work with emergency department physicians to evaluate, diagnose and treat stroke patients.

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Brianne Cassidy's Story

Brianne Cassidy never expected a fun day of tubing on the lake to result in trips to the Swedish Issaquah emergency department and the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. Listen to her story, and how the Swedish TeleStroke program, including a team of specialists, quickly and successfully averted what could’ve been a very bad outcome. Watch Brianne's story below.


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To learn more about Swedish's Acute Telestroke Program, or how to become a Telestroke partner or utilize any of our TeleHealth services, please call 206-320-3112 or contact us at

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Telestroke links experts at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute with emergency department physicians throughout the state to evaluate stroke patients.

One Hospital's Story

Jefferson Healthcare & Swedish...a partnership that benefits Port Townsend.

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