Faith Observances

Faith Observances

Meditation rooms are located on each of the in-patient campuses of Swedish.  These meditation rooms are open 24 hours a day. All are welcome.

At Swedish First Hill, specially requested religious services are broadcast live on channel 3 TV.

At Swedish Cherry Hill, specially requested religious services  are broadcast live on channel 34 TV.

At Swedish Issaquah the meditation room/chapel is located adjacent to the center of the main floor of the hospital.

At Swedish Edmonds, the Peter Kruger Quiet Room on the 3rd floor is provided for all who want a space for meditation and prayer. Religious materials from some faiths are available in the Quiet Room and others are available from the chaplains’ office, which is immediately adjacent to the open portion of the Quiet Room.

At Swedish Ballard, the meditation room is currently under construction.

Specially requested religious services can be arranged through the Spiritual Care offices for baptisms, weddings, memorials, rituals and religious day observances.

Sacraments and prayers for healing are offered through Spiritual Care visits.