Lina Fine, M.D., M.Phil.

Lina Fine, M.D., M.Phil.

Member, American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Location: Cherry Hill


Dr. Lina Fine is a sleep medicine specialist at Sleep Medicine Associates and neuropsychiatrist at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. She sees patients with all types of sleep problems and conditions. Dr. Fine’s clinical interest in sleep medicine is the understanding and management of sleep related illnesses in complex association with psychiatric and neurological diseases. Among the broad range of such conditions are insomnias, parasomnias, and sleep related abnormal movements and behaviors.

Dr. Fine works closely with her patients and collaborates with their primary-care physicians in managing their sleep conditions, such as sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome and circadian sleep disorders that may have a strong impact on cardiovascular health, endocrine axis and immunity.

Patient Care Philosophy
"I am determined to provide patients with effective care that combines highly informed scientific methods and attention to the specific needs of each individual. Each person’s sleep difficulty and impact it has on one’s life require a uniquely tailored treatment that I hope to provide after careful consideration of one’s underlying health condition and state of mind, aiming at improving sleep as well as well being."

Sleep Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry

Medical School:
Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Neurology Residency,
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York- Presbyterian Hospital
Neuropsychiatry Residency,
Payne Whitney Clinic, Weill Cornell Medical College

Sleep Medicine and Neurophysiology Fellowship
Center for Sleep Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Board Certifications:
Psychiatry, Neurology, Sleep Medicine (BE)

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