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Insurance & Billing for Radiosurgery

Medical insurance and billing can be confusing. Our goal is to help you understand the insurance and billing process for radiosurgery treatment at the Swedish Radiosurgery Center.

If you have questions, please call 206-320-7130. We'll be happy to help you get the assistance you need.

Financial assistance
Cash payments in advance
Types of bills
Billing process for patients with insurance
Billing process for patients without insurance


Coverage verification and pre-authorization:

After you and your provider decide which treatment you will have – CyberKnife or Gamma Knife – our financial counselor will work with your insurance company to verify your benefits.If your insurance plan requires a pre-authorization, we will request one. Obtaining a pre-authorization may take several days - or even weeks.

Although coverage verification and pre-authorization give you permission to go forward with the treatment, it does not guarantee your insurance company will pay the cost of treatment. We will require you to sign a waiver accepting financial responsibility in the event your insurance company denies payment. We encourage you to call your insurance plan administrator to determine how much your insurance company will pay and how much of the bill will be your responsibility.

Denied pre-authorization:

If your insurance plan requires but denies authorization, our financial counselor will work with your doctor to provide the insurance company more information about why radiosurgery treatment is medically necessary.

If we receive pre-authorization, we will proceed with your treatment plan. If your insurance again denies authorization, you have the right to appeal the decision. We will help you with your appeal by providing detailed information regarding your medical condition and the radiosurgery treatment you and your doctor have chosen.

If you are having CyberKnife treatment, additional assistance may be available through Accuray, the company that manufactures the CyberKnnife equipment, by calling Accuray Patient Relations at 888-522-3740. For tips on appealing a denial for authorization for CyberKnife treatment, go to

Financial assistance

If you do not have insurance or you think you might need financial assistance, please call 206-320-7130. Our financial counselor will connect you with the right department at Swedish Medical Center for your particular needs.

Cash payments in advance

If you intend on paying cash in advance for your radiosurgery treatment, you may be eligible for a cash-pay discount through Swedish Private Pay Patient Services. That department will also assist patients from outside the U.S. with payment arrangements and care coordination. For more information about Private Pay Patient Service, please call 206-320-5300 or 877-406-0438,  or an e-mail to

Types of bills

There will be two or more separate bills for each of your visits to the Swedish Radiosurgery Center, including:

  1. A bill from Swedish Medical Center for some costs associated with your visit, such as treatment planning, the treatment itself, nursing care, lab tests, supplies, etc.
  2. A bill from Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group for visits to your radiation oncologist.
  3. You will also receive separate bills for your pre-treatment scans - one from Swedish Medical Center and a second one from either Radia or Seattle Radiologists.

Questions? If you have questions about one of the bills you receive, please call the appropriate number listed below:

  • For a Swedish Medical Center bill click here
  • For a Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group bill: 206-215-4370
  • For a Radia bill: 425-297-6200. 
  • For a Seattle Radiologists bill: 206-292-7777

Billing process for patients with insurance

There are several steps to the billing process for services at the Swedish Radiosurgery Center:

Step 1. We will send you a notice when we submit a bill to your insurance company for payment.

Step 2. After your insurance company processes the bill for payment, they will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) that shows you what they have paid and any payment you owe. If you have questions about your insurance company's explanation of benefits, please call them directly for assistance.

Step 3. After we receive payment from your insurance company, we will send you a bill for your portion of the payment.

Billing process for patients without insurance

If you do not have insurance and have not paid in advance, we will bill you directly for services provided.