Bavia Postnatal Massage at Issaquah

Bavia Postnatal Massage at Issaquah

Swedish/Issaquah is the first hospital in Washington state to partner with Bavia, the exclusive provider of Postnatal Body Therapy™, to offer our new moms in-room massage services.

Caring for yourself is an important step in adjusting to life with a new baby. Bavia converts the typical hospital stay into a “spa-spital” experience. But the goal of Bavia isn’t about luxury — rather, it’s about creating a healing environment and providing health benefits for mom.

Soft candlelight, soothing music and aromatherapy are combined with gentle massage, eucalyptus steamed foot wraps and heated temple treatments. Bavia's Postnatal Body Therapy helps to soothe achy muscles, decrease swelling and reduce anxiety--which can enhance milk production, deepen sleep and improve confidence.

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Appointments take place between 6 and 10 p.m. in the comfort and privacy of your hospital room turned “spa-spital rooom”. After your service, you can simply drift off to sleep without having to move. The following massage options are available to meet any mom’s needs:

Sleepy Head • $64
This service naturally eases tension, reduces congestion and improves milk production. Includes delicate scalp, neck and shoulder massage with heated temple treatment for the ultimate in stress relief.

Mama Me Ahh • 60min/$149 or 90min/$179
Our most popular treatment offers the maximum in postpartum comfort and healing. Therapeutic massage gently melts away tension while our heated temple treatment and scalp massage provides the ultimate in sinus and stress relief. Feet are treated to a detoxification scrub, wrapped in eucalyptus infused steam towels and then massaged to improve circulation. All body work is done face up, with back work done from a side lying position. Recommended for both natural and C-section deliveries.

Feet of Accomplishment • $74
All-natural foot scrub, relaxing massage followed by eucalyptus infused steam towel wraps will help reduce swelling, ease aches and improve circulation.

Couples We-Treat • $199
Save $14 when you celebrate your miraculous journey together! Mom enjoys full postpartum comfort and healing of a 60-minute “Mama Me Ahh…” while Dad experiences a well deserved “Sleepy Head” scalp massage with heated temple treatment.

To learn more about Postnatal Body Therapy, reserve your due date or to purchase a gift card for a loved one, visit or call 855-242-2842. Bavia services make a great and memorable gift!

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