Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling

Having a baby can feel complicated enough even in a perfectly normal pregnancy. There are many plans to make and options to consider. Add in the possibility of something going wrong, and the complexities can be overwhelming.

The licensed genetic counselors at Swedish’s Maternal & Fetal Specialty Center are compassionate experts who will help guide you.  They will take the time you need to answer all your questions, explain test procedures and results, and discuss options – including the possibility of not having any further testing.

People who consider seeing a genetic counselor are:

  • Women over 35
  • Those who already have a child with a birth defect
  • Families with a history of a genetic disorder
  • Women who have had multiple miscarriages
  • People who have been exposed to radiation or chemicals
  • Anyone with questions about their genetic testing options

Our genetic counselors will:

  • Discuss the benefits and risks of different screening and diagnostic tests
  • Arrange procedure and lab draw appointments
  • Carefully explain the test results
  • Help people learn more about life with special needs babies
  • Connect people with medical and educational experts on a certain condition, and/or with support groups.

Please call the Swedish Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center at 206-386-2101 or 1-800-228-9677 for more information or to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor.

Call 206-386-BABY (2229)

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