Diet for Minimizing Diarrhea

Diet for Minimizing Diarrhea

  • Stop all juice and regular soda.
  • Avoid products containing Splenda.
  • Use Lactaid treated milk, water or Crystal Light.
  • For children over 1 year of age, try Pediasure. It offers good calories and nutrients, and is lactose free.
  • Avoid sugar-free gums and candy; the sorbitol and xylitol act as laxatives. These are also in apple juice!
  • Children need fat and fiber in their diet. Both act as a brake and slow down gut transit time.
  • Bananas, rice, complex starches may help. Minimize simple sugars.
  • Watch food and drinks with fructose:
  1. Sunny D, Capri Sun, Frutopia
  2. Bottled teas such as Arizona tea
  3. Vitamin waters
  4. Lattes
  5. Fruit roll-ups
  6. "Fake" fruit snacks
  7. Jelly beans
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