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Pediatric Therapy Services

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PedTherapyResizedSwedish Pediatric Therapy Services, located on the First Hill campus, offers a complete spectrum of physical, occupational and speech therapy services in a spacious, stimulating facility especially designed for children ages newborn to teen. 

Highly skilled and experienced pediatric therapists are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment for children with special needs. Our physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists work with children to help them recover from serious injuries or overcome certain aspects of long-term disabilities.

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Appointments & Referrals

Make an Appointment: 206-386-3592

For Physicians: to refer a patient, complete the Pediatric Therapy Referral form and fax to 206-386-6657

Conditions Diagnosed and Treated

We work with children to help them recover from serious injuries or overcome some of the complications of long-term disabilities, including those from:

o Autism 
o Brachial plexus injury 
o Communication delays
o Developmental delays
o Feeding difficulties
o Hand injuries
o Premature birth
o Oral motor deficits
o Orthopedic conditions
o Sensory processing disorders
o Sensory motor impairments
o Sports injuries

Therapeutic Services

We provide the following therapeutic services:

o Augmentative communications
o Feeding therapy
o Gait analysis/training
o Handwriting
o Musculoskeletal therapy
o Neurodevelopmental therapy
o Oral-motor intervetions
o Postural alignment
o Prompt training
o Sensory integration
o Splinting

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