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Need a pediatric provider for your child? Maybe you are new to the area or have a newborn. At busy times like these, having a provider on standby for your little one will give you peace of mind.

Why choose Swedish? We are truly a children’s hospital, with primary care providers, including pediatricians, who care for kids in a soothing and pleasant environment for young patients and their families. We have:

  • Many providers to select from
  • More than 20 locations for your convenience
  • Flexible hours for busy parents
  • Easy access to your medical records and provider office through MyChart

Get started by checking out our primary care providers and pediatricians. Find a good match for your family by learning about their philosophy of care and their locations.

Choosing a Doctor for your Baby

Here is a short video to help you know what to look for when finding a provider.

Pediatric Specialties

At Swedish you'll have access to specialists as well.

Child Neurology

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