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Need a pediatric provider for your child? Maybe you are new to the area or have a newborn. At busy times like these, having a provider on standby for your little one will give you peace of mind.

Why choose Swedish? We are truly a children’s hospital, with primary providers who care for kids in a soothing and pleasant environment for young patients and their families. We have:
  • Many providers to select from
  • More than 20 locations for your convenience
  • Flexible hours for busy parents
  • Easy access to your medical records and provider office through MyChart

Get started by checking out our pediatric providers. Find a good match for your family by learning about their philosophy of care and their locations.

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  • Travel: A great teacher

    It’s summer and many people are getting away. Most of us take trips to relax and have fun, but travel also can be an adventurous summer school for children, teaching them invaluable life lessons.

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  • Colic: what we know about this frustrating infant condition

    Colic is a condition in infants who cry incessantly and are difficult to soothe or calm down. Colicky infants often seem to be in pain and this can lead parents to worry and become frustrated. A recent review of the...

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  • Finding time for play

    School is out for the summer and our calendars are filled with vacations, activities and appointments. Make sure you’ve also set aside time for your kids to choose unstructured activities that let their imaginations...

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