Pediatric Primary Care

Peds Primary Care

At Swedish, we have a large number of family doctors and pediatricians who can care for your child from birth through their teen years.

Whether you pick a doctor (who cares for your child through adulthood) or a pediatrician, we have clinics throughout the region. Many locations are equipped with on-site laboratory services, imaging technology and minor surgery capabilities.

Common Health Concerns

For more health conditions, go to our Kid's Symptom Checker.

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  • Why do kids pass out? Syncope

    As an ER pediatrician, it’s fairly common to see children and teens who have fainted and have come to the Emergency Department to find out what triggered this scary experience. Passing out can be a sign of a serious...

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  • Comforting your child during a medical procedure

    Going to the doctor’s office can be scary for your child. But there are ways you can support your child during a stressful visit without holding him or her down for a procedure. With some planning and help from you,...

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  • Button batteries — a hidden hazard

    Young children explore the world using all of their senses. As a pediatric otolaryngologist, I see children who inhale or swallow all kinds of things, including coins, peanuts and small plastic toys. Add button batteries...

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