Sports Therapy for Individual, Team and Outdoor Recreational Sports

Sports Therapy for Individual, Team and Outdoor Recreational Sports

Catering to all your sports and recreational
therapy needs:

Climbing, Cycling, Crew, Football, Hiking,
Mountaineering, Outdoor recreational
activities, Rugby, Soccer, Skiing,
Snowboarding, Taekwondo,Team sports
Track and field-throwers

Our physical therapists specializing in sports therapy
offer a wealth of sport specific experience.

Karen Bard, PT - Pediatric Therapy
Services - First Hill

Team sports- football, rugby, soccer; skiing, taekwondo  

Advanced Training
Myofascial release, adolescent sports medicine, orthotics

Kentwood High School Football Team - physical therapist
Kent Crusaders Rugby Team - physical therapist 
           and conditioning coach
Taekwondo team injury management
Adolescent sports evaluation and rehabilitation
Swedish Rehabilitation Sports Therapy Team

Randy Gladwish, PT - Outpatient Rehabilitation
Services - Ballard

Crew, soccer, mountaineering, cycling, skiing

Advanced Training
Sportsmetrics ACL Injury Prevention Program
Running and video analysis
Dartfish Video Analysis
NAIOMT Level 2 certification

Swedish Rehabilitation Sports Therapy Team
Swedish-Ballard Sports Rehabilitation
Adolescent sports evaluation and rehabilitation
Seattle Firefighters Musculoskeletal Evaluations

Stephanie Greene, PT, MS - Outpatient
Rehabilitation Services - First Hill and
West Seattle Rehabilitation Services

Snowboarding, skiing, hiking, climbing, soccer, 
outdoor recreational activities

Advanced Training
Running and video gait analysis
NAIOMT-Level 2 coursework
National Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Conference, 2007

Mali Olsen, PT, DPT - Pediatric Therapy Services
First Hill

Downhill Skiing

Advanced Training
Assessment and treatment of adolescent athletes
Orthotics assessment
Lower extremity mechanics / gait evaluation


    Sports and Orthopedic Therapy Services
    for Adolescents and Adults are available at: 

    Central and Westside Locations:

    Pediatric Therapy Services
    First Hill
    747 Broadway, 6 West
    Seattle, WA 98122
    T 206-386-3592

    Outpatient Rehabilitation

    5300 Tallman Ave NW 1-South
    Seattle WA 98107
    T 206-781-6346

    Cherry Hill
    500 17th Ave
    James Tower, Suite 100
    Seattle, WA 98122
    T 206-320-2404

    First Hill
    1101 Madison, Suite 200
    Seattle WA 98104
    T 206-386-2035

    West Seattle Rehabilitation
    3400 California Ave SW, Suite 100
    Seattle WA 98116
    T 206-320-5510

    Northend and Eastside Locations:

    Factoria Rehabilitation
    12917 SE 38th St. Suite 208
    Bellevue, WA 98006
    T 206-320-5430

    Mill Creek Rehabilitation
    13020 Meridian Ave S.
    Suite 310
    Everett, WA 98208
    T 425-357-3800

    Redmond Rehabilitation
    18100 NE Union Hill Rd.
    Redmond, WA 98052
    T 425-498-2400