Injured Workers Program

Injured Workers Program

The Swedish Edmonds injured workers program is a structured, individually prescribed rehabilitation program supervised by occupational and physical therapists.

The goal of the program is to return an injured worker to gainful employment and to prevent reinjury. It is designed for injured workers of all ages and physical disabilities. Our integrated and multidisciplinary approach maximizes the gain to each injured worker by combining comprehensive evaluation with a personalized treatment and educational program.

The injured workers program is structured and progressive, with three parts, which may include any or all of the following, depending on the complexity of the patient’s needs:

  • Work conditioning increases general or specific physical abilities. It is designed to bridge the gap from acute injury treatment to work hardening or direct return to work three to five times weekly. 
  • Work hardening strengthens and conditions the injured worker through exercise and building tolerance for simulated work situations. This requires specific job descriptions and return-to-work goals. A four-week program designed to prepare individuals for immediate return to work. Patients progress from four to six hours per day.
  • Physical capacity evaluation (PCE): A PCE is a specific testing protocol to determine the level of safe functioning and to help determine appropriateness for return to work. A one-time four to five hour assessment of physical function.

An employer, a physician or a vocational counselor may make referrals to the injured workers program. A physician’s order, including diagnosis and precautions, is required before any treatment program can be initiated.

For more information about the entire program, call 425-640-4140.

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