Exercise and Educational Classes and Programs

Exercise and Educational Classes and Programs

Exercise and Educational Classes and Programs

All instruction is provided by Swedish Rehabilitation

Baby your Body – Includes body mechanics, movement
strategies and exercise for good back care and an injury free
pregnancy and post partum infant care. Pelvic floor anatomy
and exercise, importance in prevention of incontinence.

  • To sign-up for Ballard and First Hill  call 206-215-3338,
    Childbirth and Parenting Classes

Back on Track – Back care, lifestyle and exercise tips

  • Cherry Hill – 320-2404 / First Hill 382-2035, 2 day
    (4 hr total) seminar

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - Practical
mindfulness meditation skills, gentle yoga and stress
management.(Based on Jon Kabat-Zim’s “Full
Catastrophe Living”)

  • 8 week class, (1 ½ hrs per week)
  • Cherry Hill – 206-320-3809 ,  Next class starts May 5th 
  •  First Hill – 206-215-6966,  Next class starts June 9th 

Pain and Beyond - Basic pain management techniques
including relaxation, stress management,gentle exercise
with on-going exercise class

  • Edmonds 425-640-4140 multi-session program

Prenatal Exercise - Safe supportive group exercise
with music. Focus is on strengthening for labor and
delivery and exercise for pregnancy and post-partum

  • First Hill 206-386-2035, Weekly (1 hour)

Steady on your Feet - Instruction in fall
prevention and fall risk reduction tips.

  • free (1 hr) class, Edmonds 425-640-4140

The Pain Puzzle - -Introduction to nervous system
pathways, types of pain and ways to reduce and
manage pain.

  • First Hill 206-386-2035, 2 day (4 hr total)