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Joint Replacement: The Right Choice for You?

In this class one of Swedish’s leading orthopedic specialists will discuss everything you need to know about hip- and knee-replacement surgery, as well as the latest in robotic-assisted surgery for those who have advanced arthritis in part of their knee. There will also be a question and answer session with the surgeon.

For a complete list of seminars or to register, visit or call 206-386-2502.

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Come meet one of our surgeons and get answers to your orthopedic questions.
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Facing Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery?

Let us help you sort through your treatment options. Hear from a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, watch a video about a patient’s journey through treatment and access additional information about your condition.

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To learn more about our joint replacement program or orthopedics in general, call our joint replacement coordinator at 206-215-9145.


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After a motorcycle accident and several surgeries, Natalie Anderson chose Swedish to get back her mobility. 

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Outside the U.S.?  See International Patient Services