Spinal Deformity

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Comprehensive Spine Program at Swedish Neuroscience Institute

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Our surgeons specialize in pediatric and adult spinal deformity and approach treatment with a focus on the age of the patient. In adults, in particular, they proceed with caution, exhausting all non-surgical therapeutic options and ensuring the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks before proceeding to a surgical option. The program’s adult high-risk spine protocol puts this approach into action, addressing such things as nutrition, smoking cessation, medical status, general conditioning, mental health and medication optimization.

What are the surgical indications for adults with spine deformities?

David A. Hanscom, M.D.

Co-Director, Spine Fellowship Program
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Join Dr. David A. Hanscom as he talks about surgical indications for adults with spine deformities.


What are the different types of surgical treatments for spine deformities?

Join Dr. David A. Hanscom as he describes surgical options for adults with spine deformities and explains the different types of spine deformities.