For The Newly Diagnosed

If you’ve been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, you want the best available treatment and a single resource to learn about your condition. The Swedish Cerebrovascular Center is part of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute, one of the largest neuroscience institutes in the country.

If you have been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that has not burst, you typically have a greater than 90% chance for successful treatment. For treatment, it’s ideal to choose a hospital with extensive experience. That’s because results are typically better at hospitals that treat at least 25-50 brain aneurysm patients per year. Swedish Cerebrovascular Center in Seattle treats more than 150 patients each year. This level of experience helps us better understand and treat brain aneurysms.

In the videos below, you can get expert advice first hand from one of our top neurosurgeons, Dr. David Newell, and hear from a brain aneurysm patient.

You've been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Newell answers some questions about "what to do" following a diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm. He reviews some high-risk factors of the condition, as well as surgical options and the time involved with these treatments.

Kimberly Barenborg: Kimberly's Story - Aneurysms

Kimberly Barenborg's patient testimonial about aneurysm surgery and family history of aneurysms. Neurosurgeon Dr. David Newell helped Kimberly understand her condition and the proposed treatment procedure. The clipping procedure was successful, allowing Mrs. Barenborg to return to a normal life with her family.

Endovascular Coiling

Dr. Joseph Eskridge discusses endovascular coiling, a minimally invasive procedure to prevent aneurysm rupturing. Dr. Eskridge finds it very rewarding to help people who have suffered a neurological deficit, and he educates his patients on the procedures they will undergo.

Patient Stories

Anxiety? Fatigue? Or something more serious? She’ll be the first to admit it: Tera Teeple was stressed out. She was running her own hair and tanning salon in Gig Harbor and raising an energetic young son. So when Tera began to suffer episodes of blurred vision and dizziness, she easily dismissed them as stress and exhaustion.

Learn more about Tera Teeple's story.