Research Topics

Research Topics

Why participate in research?

There are many reasons that people participate in research studies of multiple sclerosis. Each person must weigh these issues and decide what is best for them.  Read more about the benefits and risks of participating in research studies.

The importance of research

Research is the only method of determining whether a treatment for MS is truly effective.  Read more about the importance of research to the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Protections for research participants

There are several layers of oversight to assure that people participating in research are treated safely and ethically. Read more about the protections provided to research participants.

The importance of placebos

When a new medication is studied for multiple sclerosis, it must be compared to something. Most commonly, it is compared to a placebo.  Read more about the importance of placebos in research studies.

What are the phases of clinical trials

There are several phases of studies used to bring a medication to market. Read more about the phases of clinical trials.

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