Genetic Epilepsies

Genetic Epilepsies


  • Myoclonic Epilepsies
  • Partial seizures
  • Absence seizures
  • GTC seizures
  • Mesial Temporal lobe epilepsies
  • GEFS+ (Epilepsy with Febrile seizures persisting after age 5 years)

Dravet Syndrome and SCN1A mutations:

  • Seizures with fever followed by myoclonic seizures without fever 
  • Seizures with fever followed by partial (focal) seizures without fever
  • Seizures with extreme sensitivity to environmental temperature
  • Partial and generalized seizures with onset in infancy

Familial Frontal lobe epilepsies (Autosomal Dominant Nocturnal Familial Frontal lobe Epilepsy)

Familial Mesial Temporal lobe epilepsies

Familial Lateral Temporal lobe Epilepsy - Autosomal Dominant Epilepsy with Auditory features (Familial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Auditory Auras)

Familial Generalized Seizures especially with multiple family members

Familial Neuronal Migration Disorders such as Polymicrogyria, Lissencephaly, Double Cortex

Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsies

Familial Neonatal Seizures

Familial Infantile Seizures

Familial Infantile Spasms

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