David Newell New England Journal of Medicine

David Newell New England Journal of Medicine

New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Article Co-Authored by Swedish Neurosurgeon about Cerebral Aneurysm Treatments

SEATTLE, Aug. 31, 2006 -- Fortunately, a cerebral aneurysm diagnosis is no longer the death sentence many people may have previously associated with the condition. That myth has been overcome thanks to better diagnostic tests and now-proven advancements with the two treatment options: ‘clipping’ and its more minimally invasive counterpart, ‘coiling.’

However, since there are no known ways to prevent a cerebral aneurysm from forming, and since an un-ruptured aneurysm may go unnoticed throughout a person’s lifetime or worse yet – a burst aneurysm may cause paralysis or even death – awareness remains key.

David Newell, M.D., co-director and medical director of the Seattle Neuroscience Institute at Swedish Medical Center was one of three co-authors for this article. To read it from the New England Journal of Medicine Web site, click here.

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