Surgical Suites

Surgical Suites

SNI’s dedicated neurosurgical operating rooms (ORs) and endovascular suites feature the most advanced minimally invasive and computer-assisted neurosurgical and brain-imaging technology. Many of these technologies are not available anywhere else in the Northwest.

SNI’s diagnostic and surgical capabilities include:

  • Integrated, GPS-like guidance systems built into every OR to help surgeons navigate in critical areas of the brain
  • Intra-operative MRI and CT scanners, and 3-D angiography to provide vital images during surgery
  • Brain-mapping capabilities to identify areas of critical brain function through microelectrode recordings
  • Interventional neuroradiology techniques to block blood flow to tumors or blood-vessel malformations, and to place stents and repair cerebral aneurysms

Storz OR-1™ Integration System

This system displays all information related to a surgery on ceiling-mounted LCD screens so the surgical team can easily see it. The surgeon also can use this system to transmit or record surgical images for educational purposes.

CereTom™ portable computed tomography (CT) scanner

The CereTom CT scanner is portable, which makes it possible to perform brain scans on patients in an operating room, emergency department or intensive-care unit. This is particularly valuable with severe head trauma or stroke patients, and for cerebral arterial and vascular procedures and deep-brain stimulation. 

Biplane 3-D neuro-interventional suite 

This is the most sophisticated system in the Northwest for advanced diagnostics and interventional treatment of conditions of the brain, including brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, intracranial vessel narrowing and brain tumors. Interventional neuroradiology may be an alternative to open-incision surgery for many patients. Swedish was one of the first in the world to bring this capability into an operating room.

Storz OR-1™ Integration System

CereTom™ portable computed tomography (CT) scanner

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