Our Cardiologists

Our Cardiologists


Cardiologists examine patients and order tests to diagnose, treat and prevent heart problems. Results of the tests and exams determine whether you can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes.

Some cardiolgists can perform minor operations but are limited in the types of procedures they can perform.  If surgery is needed, or if a problem is found that requires more specialized treatment, you will be referred to an interventional cardiologist, an electrophysiology cardiologist, or another doctor.

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Interventional Cardiologists

Interventional cardiologists undergo one to three years of additional training after the three-year residency, and can perform more advanced surgeries. These include valve repairs, atheroectomy (plaque removal), balloon angioplasty and mesh stent placement to relieve blockages.

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Electrophysiology Cardiologists

An electrophysiology cardiologist specializes in the electrical stimulus to the heart. They look for irregular heartbeats and other problems that could cause cardiac arrest. They perform tests such as an echocardiogram, a painless, non-invasive test that uses sound waves to view an image of the heart. Electrophysiology cardiologists perform surgeries to install pacemakers and defibrillators and prescribe drug therapies, among other treatments, to reduce the incidence of heart failure.

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Network of locations

Cardiovascular services are provided at our main facility at Cherry Hill and at multiple locations in King, Snohomish, Clallam and Grays Harbor Counties.

Are you at risk for heart disease?

More people are seeking the advice of a cardiologist before something bad happens. Let us help you evaluate and minimize your risk. Hear from a cardiologist and watch videos of heart patients and their journey through treatment.  

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