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At Swedish, we offer a full range of treatments for hearing-related problems and disorders for infants to geriatric patients. Whether you have hearing loss, trouble with balance, or tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Swedish audiologists will provide comprehensive testing and treatment options for your hearing disorders.

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Center for Hearing and Skull Base Surgery (Seattle) Part of the Neuroscience Institute, the Center provides leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest level of care for those who live with hearing loss, ear disease and skull base tumors.

Swedish Otolaryngology-Audiology (First Hill, Ballard and Issaquah) Our audiologists are Board Certified in Audiology and deliver high-quality care whether an individual is in need of diagnostic, amplification and/or specialty services. Combined, our audiologists’ experiences range from state and national leadership roles, numerous years of experience in hospital-based practices, as well as academic and clinical teaching roles.

Minor & James Medical Audiology (Seattle and Bellevue) Minor & James Medical is a multispecialty clinic with over 70 doctors providing continuity of care for each patient. For more than 30 years, we have offered the highest level of diagnostic evaluations including hearing testing, balance testing, hearing aid selection, fitting and counseling. All of our audiologists have doctoral degrees and have many years of clinical experience, as well as academic and clinical teaching experience, and have held offices in state and national audiology associations.

Audiology services at Swedish include:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations, including hearing tests to determine severity and type of hearing loss
  • Amplification/hearing-aid assessment and fitting
  • Evaluations of Auditory Brainstem Response (measures how the hearing nerve responds to sounds) and Otoacoustic Emissions (measures the sound produced by the inner ear or cochlea)
  • Cochlear implants
  • Custom earplugs and hearing protection
  • Counseling and education

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