Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic counselors at Swedish help doctors and patients pinpoint potential health problems at an early stage.

We provide genetic evaluations and guidance for women on a wide variety of health issues, such as chromosomal alterations and birth defects, as well as inherited diseases or disorders.

Genetic testing services at Swedish include:

Before a test is performed, genetic counselors review with each patient:

  • Which tests are appropriate for the circumstance

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the test

  • The potential impact or implications of the test results

Genetic testing is usually done through a blood draw. Counselors communicate test results to the patient, and if necessary or appropriate, the patient’s physician may then review available treatment options or recommendations. 

Appointments & Referrals

A physician referral is not required. Insurance coverage for genetic services varies, depending on the health plan and medical circumstance.

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