Post Surgery

Post Surgery

The length of your stay in the hospital will depend on the type of surgery you have, and is something you need to discuss with your doctor in advance. While a patient at Swedish, you will receive the finest possible nursing care. As is stressed throughout this notebook, if you have any questions at any time while you are in the hospital, speak up! You have the right to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Talk to Someone or Make an Appointment


What to Expect

Prepare for your initial consultation and surgery
Talk to your doctor, preparing for your surgery & hospital visit

Counseling and Support

Help is available for patients and familites to deal with emotions such as anxiety, stress and depression. Counseling and Support

About Nutrional & Herbal Supplements

Some nutritional and herbal supplements can increase side effects or prevent treatments from working as planned. Take special care with nutritional and herbal supplements 


Lymphedema is swelling of an arm or leg that sometimes occurs when lymph nodes are removed.  Learn about lymphedema prevention & management. 


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