Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope

Since the Swedish Cancer Institute first opened its doors in 1932, we’ve been honored to play a part in the lives of thousands upon thousands of cancer patients. As we accompanied them on their journeys to become cancer survivors, we’ve been impressed time and again by the wisdom, strength, and beauty of their thoughts and words. And so we’d like to share them with you in the hope that you will come away with a renewed sense of peace and optimism about your own journey.

Brain Tumor Essential Tremor Spine Tumor
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Brain Tumor



Kippen's story

"It's pretty amazing when you think that on Monday, you can go in and have a treatment and take clients to dinner on Tuesday"...

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Kathy's story

Kathy Goertzen, KOMO TV news anchor, tells her TV audience about being treated for a noncancerous brain tumor. Kathy returned to work Feb. 16 after brain surgery and CyberKnife treatment...

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A 51-year-old woman's story

"There was no immobilization frame and no pretreatment medication regimen. The patient arrived in street clothes, was treated, and left without disrobing"...

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Breast Cancer


Amy's story

"I am so grateful CyberKnife was available...I had none of the side effects of regular radiation. No super-sensitive skin. No burning...I never felt tired. And, I still have all of my really thick hair"...

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CyberKnife for breast cancer


Essential Tremor


Gamma Knife for Essential Tremor

Liver Cancer


CyberKnife for Liver Cancer

Prostate Cancer

LaDon's story

Kirkland resident LaDon Granstaff says he feels no pain when the Seattle CyberKnife Center's hulking robotic arm slowly moves around him, beaming high doses of radiation through his prostate. "They play music. I've been listening to classical,"...

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CyberKnife for prostate cancer


Spine Tumor

Larry's story

My doctors couldn't operate on my spine anymore because of the way my tumor had grown, and the chemotherapy also wasn't working", says Lautenslager, 67. "But my doctor told me about a new promising technology that was being installed on Swedish Providence campus (current Cherry Hill campus). That was great news because my family to in the way of a treatment for my tumor"...

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Stories of Hope
Kippen westphal calls CyberKnife the "brain tumor spa"





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