Nutrition Care

Nutrition Care

Maintaining good nutrition is an important part of treatment for all cancer patients, as those who are well-nourished tolerate radiation or chemotherapy better. At the Nutrition Care Clinic, registered and certified dietitians help patients make the optimal dietary choices based on their health needs, using the most up-to-date resources available.

What to expect

Dietitians are available to counsel patients on their dietary concerns, from meal ideas to shopping tips to guidelines on gaining or maintaining weight during treatment. In addition to individualized counseling, the following free classes are available quarterly to patients and their caregivers:

  • Complementary Medicine: How Vitamins, Nutrition and Herbs Can Benefit You
  • Eating Well When Dealing with Cancer
  • Detox Diets: What Makes Sense for Cancer Patients
  • Lifestyle Changes for Successful Healing

Find Nutrition Classes

Nutrition Care Clinic

Cancer treatment can have an impact on patients’ appetite and eating habits – whether through a changed sense of taste or smell, nausea, a dry or sore mouth or other side effects. To help with their nutritional needs, the Swedish Cancer Institute offers individualized counseling for cancer patients through the Nutrition Care Clinic, including:

  • Managing Weight Gain
  • Managing Weight Loss
  • Nutrition Issues for Breast Cancer
  • Optimal Health During Cancer Treatments

Appointments & Referrals

For more information about the Swedish Nutrition Care Clinic, to receive class information or to schedule an appointment, please call 206-781-6228.

To request free nutrition brochures or nutritional information from our lending library, please call 206-386-3200.

Contact Information

Nutrition Care Clinic First Hill
747 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-781-6228
Fax: 206-781-6196
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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