PsychoSocial Support Team

PsychoSocial Support Team

The Division of PsychoOncology includes several professionals skilled in assessing and helping you with problems of thinking and feeling that may arise during your cancer experience. We also want to help with practical matters: housing, transportation, insurance and related financial issues.

Every cancer patient will go through several phases of care — and your needs will vary, depending on where you are. The psycho-oncology staff is here to provide guidance and insights every step of the way.


The psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the assessment and care of emotional and thinking problems that may arise with cancer, medications, side effects, pain and other stresses. Their practice focuses on cancer-related problems, especially those caused by or interfering with your care.

Oncology Social Workers

The oncology social workers are experienced professionals who specialize in helping you through many challenges of your cancer journey. They are eager to provide emotional support for you and those closest to you, financial counseling, and linkages to help with housing, transportation and insurance concerns.

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