Medical Oncology Team

Medical Oncology Team

Nurse Practitioners

Oncology nurses work in the offices of medical oncologists and in the Swedish’s Medical Oncology Clinics, Treatment Centers and in the hospital, and work with cancer patients on the dedicated oncology units in the hospital. Oncology nurses at Swedish receive advanced training in caring, treating and providing support for cancer patients.

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Prepare for Your Chemotherapy Treatment

Your first treatment, common side effects, getting the best outcome and more
What to Expect

Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Some nutritional and herbal supplements can increase side effects or prevent treatments from working as planned. Take Special Care with Supplements

Look & Appearance

Find information & resources including wigs, hats and more

Look & Appearance

Counseling and Support

Help is available for patients and families to deal with emotions such as anxiety, stress and depression. Counseling and Support


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