Edmonds - Medical Oncology

Edmonds - Medical Oncology

The Swedish Cancer Institute Medical Oncology at Edmonds offers high quality, personalized care in a local, community setting for patients in the Edmonds area.

We strive to provide our patients improved access to care close to home, facilitate access to highly specialized expertise and technology, provide improved coordination of care to our patients in North King and South Snohomish counties, increase awareness of early detection and cancer prevention, increase knowledge of and local access to clinical trials, and continuously improve quality of cancer services through best practices throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We believe that compassion and caring are just as important as the latest research and the highest expertise. As oncologists, we have access to the most current clinical information and research; how we use it makes all the difference to our patients. Our treatment philosophy extends beyond the creative use of breakthrough therapies to one of exceptional caring and understanding the need for flexibility, less hassle and minimized travel.

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Your first treatment, common side effects, getting the best outcome and more
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Some nutritional and herbal supplements can increase side effects or prevent treatments from working as planned. Take Special Care with Supplements

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Help is available for patients and families to deal with emotions such as anxiety, stress and depression. Counseling and Support


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