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Winter 2016 Issue

What Is a Clinical Trial? Is a Clinical Trial Right for Me?

The Swedish Cancer Institute is a leading clinical trial site on the West Coast. You may be wondering: what is a clinical trial? A clinical trial is a research study that enrolls people to find the best methods for cancer treatment, early detection and prevention. 

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Fall 2015 Issue

Supporting Kids of a Caregiver with Cancer

Because stronger families make stronger survivors, starting in September the Swedish Cancer Institute will offer a children’s support group, Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery, or CLIMB.

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Summer 2015 Issue

Personalizing Your Cancer Treatment

Here at the Swedish Cancer Institute, we strive to bring the greatest and newest forms of treatment to our patients. We believe that caring for the whole person and not just the disease is important and show this through our personalized medicine approach.

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Spring 2015 Issue

Care and Support Closer to Home

It’s no secret that navigating Seattle takes time, patience and practice. Combined with recurring appointments, regular check-ins with your doctor or a long stay in the hospital, it can really add to your stress. That’s why John Pagel, M.D., Ph.D., the Swedish Cancer Institute’s new chief of hematologic malignancies and director of stem cell transplant, wants to help bring your care closer to home.

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Winter 2015 Issue

Managing Symptoms through Palliative Care Services

The goal of palliative care is to prevent or treat the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment. We are happy to announce the opening of our Palliative Care and Symptom Management Clinic at the Swedish First Hill Campus.

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Fall 2014 Issue

Giving the Gift of Time at the New Thyroid/Parathyroid Surgery Clinic

Since September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, we want to raise awareness about how Swedish is working to prevent thyroid cancer with our new clinic.

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Summer 2014 Issue

The Impact of Tobacco Smoke on Our Health

Learn about the history of tobacco, tobacco-related diseases, and how smoking can impact quality of life. See what resources are available at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) to help with quitting smoking.

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Spring 2014 Issue

Swedish Cancer Institute's Survivorship Clinic

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) offers a full service Survivorship Clinic at the First Hill campus. The clinic supports patients transitioning from active treatment to routine medical care, and helps patients address concerns that may arise after completing treatment.

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Winter 2014 Issue

Resources for Social Support

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) is devoted to providing supportive services for newly diagnosed patients, those undergoing treatment, and those who have completed treatment, as well as their caregivers.

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Fall 2013 Issue

SCI High-Risk Breast Cancer Program

The High-Risk Breast Cancer Program at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) at First Hill and Issaquah campuses can address your questions and help you take the next steps in assessing your risk forbreast cancer

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Summer 2013 Issue

New Cancer Center Opens at Swedish Edmonds

In response to the growing need for medical oncology and infusion services in the south Snohomish and north King County area, a new two-story, 17,102-square-foot Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) facility opened at Swedish Edmonds in early April 2013.

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Spring 2013 Issue

Thrive Through Cancer

Cancer survivor and Swedish patient, Rose Egge founded the non-profit organization Thrive Through Cancer with the mission of helping young adults fight cancer, find hope and thrive.

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Winter 2013 Issue

Swedish Launches New Lung Cancer Screening Program

Screening for lung cancer has the potential to save more lives than any other type of cancer screening in history.

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Fall 2012 Issue

True Family Women's Cancer Center Now Open

Opened in June 2012, the True Family Women’s Cancer Center is making it easier than ever to access cancer care and treatment services.

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Summer 2012 Issue

Family Survivorship

Advice for helping children deal with a cancer diagnosis in the family.

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Spring 2012 Issue

Oncology Counseling Services Now Available at Swedish Issaquah

Oncology counselors are available to provide individuals and families with emotional and coping support as well as patient and family support groups.

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Fall 2011 Issue

Cancer IS a Family Affair

A cancer diagnosis can affect everyone in the family. We are working with the University of Washington School of Nursing on two research studies that evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs to support families.

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Summer 2011 Issue

The Anticancer Lifestyle - Fighting Cancer Every Day in Every Way

Focusing on the benefits of a healthy diet, a pollution-free environment, physical activity and emotional balance, The Anticancer Lifestyle class teaches you how to fight the threat of cancer by enhancing your body's natural cancer-fighting abilities.

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Spring 2011 issue

Minimally Invasive Laser and Robotic Surgery for Head and Neck Cancers

TORS is truly a major innovation and is only available in very few select centers in the entire nation, including the Swedish Cancer Institute

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Winter 2011 issue

Robotic Lung Surgery: A Less Invasive Way to Treat Early Lung Cancer

Thoracic surgeons at Swedish Medical Center believe the medical community is now at another crossroad in the surgical treatment of early lung cancer. This is based on an exciting new technologic advance involving the da Vinci® robot for lung cancer resections.

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Summer 2010 issue

Acupuncture: A Useful Treatment
Option in Cancer Care

Acupuncture has shown excellent benefit in research studies for cancer pain, as well as for a range of other pain syndromes including back and neck pain, headache, and joint pains such as shoulder and knee...

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Spring 2010 issue

Clearing Up Confusion Over Breast Screening Guidelines

the Swedish Cancer Institute Breast Program has decided to join with other organizations in continuing to endorse the guidelines of the American Cancer Society. These guidelines recommend that women aged 40 ...

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Winter 2010 issue

Healthy Eating During Cancer: Tips for the Kitchen

A healthy diet and lifestyle is always useful to help you feel your best, especially during cancer treatment. There are a number of easy strategies you can use to keep your energy and comfort levels as close to normal as possible...

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Fall 2009 issue

Patient Navigators Go Online

For those on the cancer journey, sometimes simply getting to the resources available can be a daunting task. The American Cancer Society's Online Patient Navigator Program is helping to break down those barriers, getting the right resources to the right people at the right time...

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Spring 2008 issue

Cancer Rehabilitation - ACTIVE program

Helping patients deal with the physical, mental and emotional challenges that arise from living with cancer. ACTIVE is a rehabilitation program in which cancer patients can participate before, during and after treatment...

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Winter 2008 issue

Improving Communication: How Podcasts Can Help Patients

Anyone who knows someone with cancer is probably aware that there is an incredible amount of medical information in the world, ranging from news stories about new treatments to Web sites from cancer organizations to multiple recommendations from different doctors...

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Fall 2008 issue

Navigators Help Guide Patients through the Cancer Experience

Whether it is getting patients and caregivers the information they need to make treatment decisions, helping them deal with the day-to-day challenges of living with cancer, or connecting them with community resources, patient navigators can provide help throughout the disease continuum from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, into survivorship...

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