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The Newest Addition to SCI’s Comprehensive Menu of Radiation Therapies

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) designed a new community-based radiation treatment center on the Swedish Ballard campus. The centerpiece is the first TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® system in the Seattle metropolitan area.

TomoTherapy combines 3D-imaging technology with rotational delivery of intensity-modulated radiation. The result is highly focused radiation therapy with unprecedented accuracy. Because TomoTherapy allows for image-driven refinement and precise tailoring, this system provides an individualized and comprehensive treatment solution for a variety of cancers, including complex tumors and tumors that are close to critical organs. 

TomoTherapy at a Glance

  • A highly sophisticated, all-in-one device that combines CT imaging with a rotational delivery of  intensity-modulated radiation therapy.
  • A painless experience that is similar to having a CT scan.
  • Imaging: 3D CT imaging that is performed before each treatment allows for precise patient positioning and dose adjustments.
  • Radiation delivery: TomoTherapy delivers tens of thousands of individually programmed, narrow “beamlets” of radiation as it rotates around the patient, which provides extremely focused dose distribution.
  • Stereotactic delivery: TomoTherapy can be used to deliver a short, intense course of treatment.

TomoTherapy Radiation Treatment at Swedish/Ballard

In the video below Dr. Daniel Landis discusses tomotherapy radiation treatment at Swedish Ballard. The newest addition to the Swedish Ballard campus is the Swedish Cancer Institute's Radiation Treatment Center. The center is home to the first TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® radiation treatment system in the Seattle metropolitan area. The center offers patients convenient parking and access to other health-care services at the Swedish Ballard campus. Most importantly, the new Radiation Treatment Center offers patients this highly sophisticated cancer therapy close to home and work. 

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News Release

December 23, 2010
TomoTherapy Added at Swedish Ballard; Advanced Radiation Treatment System is Unique in the Seattle Area

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Full Video Text/Transcript for Tomotherapy Radiation Treatment at Swedish/Ballard

The only tomotherapy in the Seattle Metro area is located here at Swedish Ballard.

When Swedish was deciding to open up a center in Ballard, they chose the tomotherapy unit because of its unique advantages in treating tumors. But they also wanted to open up a center that was close to patients' homes and convenient for daily treatments. So this really allowed us to combine both advantages into one small location that easily accessible, it's easy to park. We have many patients that live so close by that they walk here each day.

Tomotherapy is a type of external beam radiation that's used to treat many types of cancers. It offers really unparalleled treatment accuracy and precision in treating very complicated tumors of very distinct sizes and shapes. One way it does this is it has an onboard imaging CT scanner that allows us to image the patient precisely and determine if they're in the right location. Then we can deliver a helical treatment plan where we have beams entering from essentially all 360 degrees.

We're the third center in the United States that has the HDA tomotherapy upgrade which will allow us to treat with faster speed and more precision in complex tumors. The accuracy itself delivered from the machine allows us to spare normal organs, perhaps their kidneys, perhaps their normal lung, etc. And the more we can spare the normal organs, the easier it is to tolerate radiation and the more useful it will be for patients.

Initially, when we started, patients would come here every day for radiation but would often receive their chemotherapy downtown. But now we'll be able to offer almost all of those services right here in Ballard, including CT imaging, MRI, chemotherapy, radiation. The medical oncologists are expanding in the area and providing many medical oncologists right here on campus.

I feel like we're definitely part of the community here at Ballard and it's really exciting to be here right on Market Street where all the action is and I think the community really appreciates having us here. We've been really welcomed.